Simple and cost effective tips for shipping heavy items


The Internet is a beautiful thing.
The world wide web allows many of us to make a living out of an ecommerce business.
Consumers all over the world now have direct access to a variety of international brands and products without the need for travel, import partners or cross border trading. 1980’s shoppers would be amazed at the opportunities we have in the 21st century.
But we still need to rely on old fashioned physical transport to make these ecommerce transactions happen.


How to reduce your Shopify shipping costs


Are you selling online with Shopify?
Want to reduce your shipping costs?
If you answered yes to either of these questions – you need to read on.
(Not using Shopify? Check out our review of the three best WooCommerce shipping plugins.)
Cheap (or free) shipping is a primary factor impacting the purchasing decision of your ecommerce customers. So many of your customers are shopping online because it’s cheap and convenient and the cost of shipping is one of the only barriers to overcome.


3 simple ways to create a reliable shipping strategy and generate more loyal customers


Reliable shipping is one of those things online shoppers have come to expect.
Next day delivery and free returns are now baseline expectations for many customers.
Same-week delivery is simply table stakes for an online retailer.
Your business needs to meet, if not exceed these expectations to compete and grow your ecommerce business.
If your customer’s expectations aren’t met – it’s all too easy to abandon that cart and hop on back to Google to search for a competitor’s alternative.


4 easy ecommerce solutions for small businesses


Small ecommerce companies face a plethora of challenges.
Stock control, accounting, HR, fulfilment, the list is endless.
Juggling profitability vs growth.
ROI KPIs, SEO, PPC, CRO – there’s always some new ecommerce acronym to be scared of.
You started your online business to follow your passion and all of a sudden you’ve got a logistical nightmare on your hands. Running a successful ecommerce business is not for the faint-hearted.
We understand, and we want to help ease your managerial burden so you can focus on the parts of your business you do best.


The best payment gateway comparisons and resources to help you choose the right solution


Choosing an ecommerce payment gateway is one of the most important decisions you can make for your online store operations.
The cheapest option is not always the best.
You have a complex decision ahead of you.
There’s a bunch of factors you need to consider.
And the stakes are high enough to warrant some detailed analysis and intensive research. The security implications of managing customer payments are significant.
You have a serious task on your hands.


The best shipping plugins for WooCommerce in Australia all in one place


There are over 49, 000 free plugins on
That’s a lot of options at your fingertips.
Choosing the right shipping plugin for your online business is stressful.
If it’s not the right one, you’ve wasted valuable time and money.
And making the right choice from hundreds of different options makes choosing what to have for breakfast seem so simple. The stakes are somewhat higher too…
With this in mind, we’re going to run through the features of three amazing WooCommerce plugins.


The postage secrets of Australia’s biggest online retailers

shipping policies

Find out how Australia’s largest online retailers handle postage and shipping, and what you can learn from them.
Every ecommerce entrepreneur who has dipped their toe into the world of postage and shipping knows that it’s a complicated business.
Deciding on how you charge for postage, where you deliver, how you provide postage quotes to customers, and how you handle returns are all make-or-break propositions for your ecommerce business.
So what’s an online retailer to do?


5 ways to save money on international shipping

World globe surrounded by packing boxes

Keep your online customers happy with fast, efficient international shipping that doesn’t bust the budget.

Smart e-commerce retailers know how to save on international shipping. Cutting down your freight costs will help you compete against local players that charge lower delivery fees, and ensure your customers are getting the best deal possible on international shipping.
Follow these five tips to reduce your international shipping costs:

1. Use a freight aggregator
While it’s tempting to offer your customers flat-rate international shipping,


International shipping policy examples: How the big brands do it


Hungry for international e-commerce success? Find out how three of Australia’s biggest online retailers do it.

When putting together your international shipping policy, it helps to see what works for other successful e-commerce brands that have successfully built a global presence off the back of efficient international shipping procedures.
Here’s how three big Australian online retailers set out their international shipping policies:
Leading Australian fashion retailer Bonds is known around the world and ships to a wide range of countries.


What do customers want: fast or free delivery?

delivery timeframes

Australians can be a demanding bunch – especially when it comes to online shopping.
According to research by Lithium Technologies, customer expectations are rising sharply in Australia as we embrace the conveniences of the ecommerce revolution.
The study revealed that Australians are among the most demanding and impatient internet shoppers in the world – 72 per cent of us expect a same-day response to online enquiries compared to 66 per cent of Americans.
That adds up to a potential nightmare for ecommerce businesses that must run the gauntlet of balancing rising customer expectations against real-world limitations.


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