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International shipping just got simple

Thanks to the eCommerce revolution, your customers now shop beyond borders. It’s truly a global marketplace, and with cross-border retailing predicted to become a $330 billion industry by 2020, you can’t afford to miss the boat.


Save big and break into new overseas markets with international shipping made simple.

Transdirect is here to help you score a piece of the pie with simple, fast, and cost effective international shipping services that will transform the way you do business.

What does certified carbon-neutral shipping mean?

To become carbon neutral, Transdirect has partnered with the Carbon Reduction Institute to offset 100% of the emissions of our freight services. We were audited to identify the amount of carbon created and were able to offset our emissions through Carbon Reduction Institute’s certified program – neutralising our footprint. Regular audits ensure the number of offsets is matched to the number of carbon emissions created by our freight services. We launched this initiative September 2019, becoming one of only two Australian shipping providers to offer carbon-offset services to all of our clients. Learn more about carbon offsets and the NoCO2 certification.

Simple integration

Transdirect takes the headache out of sending and receiving packages overseas. It’s never been easier to integrate our international shipping services with your website to ensure a seamless customer experience and streamline the shipping process. That means you save time – and money.

Simple quoting

Quoting on international shipping couldn’t be easier. It works the same way as our domestic shipping quotes. Simply enter your pick-up and delivery locations and the package dimensions, and you’ll get an instant online quote at industry-best prices. No strings attached.

Simple labelling

There’s nothing complicated about labelling packages to send overseas. It’s the same easy process you use to send domestic packages. Simply print out the consignment note, secure it to the package and you’re good to go. It’s a print-and-play solution!

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How do you handle international returns?

Transdirect allows your package recipients to return goods for a small extra fee. Depending on your own returns policy, this fee can be covered by your business or passed on to your customers.

What are the duties and taxes for countries?

When shipping goods overseas you may be required to pay certain duties and taxes that are specific to the shipping destination. Calculate international duties and taxes by country here.

Are these quotes to the door?

Yes. Please note that a full street address is required. Sorry, no deliveries to PO boxes.

Are there any additional charges?

Additional freight charges may be incurred if the actual weight and size of the package is deemed not to match the weight and size you declared when booking.

Will the price change during shipping?

If the goods are not ready to be collected when a driver attends the pick-up location, or if nobody is home when the package is delivered and a re-delivery service is required, you may be charged an extra fee.

How does tracking work?

Simply enter your consignment number into the tracking box for 24-hour real time tracking, SMS notifications and email alerts.

How does labelling work?

It’s easy. Print out the consignment note provided by Transdirect and secure it to the package. Ensure the delivery address is also clearly written on the package, and all old addresses have been removed.

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