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Shipping and fulfilment has to be one of the most confusing parts of running an ecommerce business.

There seems to be an endless amount of providers – all with a myriad of different features, advantages and disadvantages (not to mention the wild discrepancies in the cost of each platform).

Your choice can be mind-bendingly overwhelming – but without solid ecommerce shipping software, you’ll find it nearly impossible to keep track of your fulfilment and logistics.

If you plan on expanding your operations and scaling your business, you need to get this decision right, otherwise logistical inefficiencies could be the difference between sustainable profits or business-crippling losses.

Shipping and delivery might not be the most glamorous part of managing an ecommerce business, but it is critically important. If customer satisfaction levels start to drop, there’s a good chance you can link the cause back to problems with your order fulfilment.

European ecommerce website, Actinic discovered 55% of customers who have had poor shipping experiences won’t order from the same online store again.

You’ll start bleeding money and loyalty if you can’t deliver an online shopping experience that meets – or better – exceeds customer expectations. Fast, cheap, effective and on-time delivery is table stakes.

You need to get this right.

The reputation and success of your business are at stake.

The lifeblood of sustainable ecommerce is loyal, repeat customers.

You can’t afford to lose 55% of your customers to a poor shipping experience.

We want to help you navigate the dense wilderness of the shipping software jungle so you can select the right platform for your business and avoid those logistical nightmares.

We’ve collected three of the most effective shipping software solutions for your ecommerce business.

The criteria is simple…

  • You want your shipping software to be simple, effective and fast paced
  • You want a personalised system capable of multi-carrier shipping and universal enough for international shipping
  • And you want all this with the type of price tag that won’t bankrupt your business

Here are our three shipping software suggestions to help you kickstart your business.

#1. Use Transdirect for a simple, fast and customer-first shipping process

At Transdirect, we strive to make shipping as quick and easy as possible for your business.

That’s why we offer such a wide range of helpful plugins for multiple ecommerce platforms and markets to keep your customers coming back for more.

We provide a robust API (application programming interface) which caters to the booking, quoting and shipment tracking management for your business.

Simply download a Transdirect plugin for your website and you’re ready to start tweaking your shipping preferences to suit your specific needs.

Your eBay marketplace integration provides a nice example. You can export booking information to Transdirect instantly for speedier shipping with the eBay Marketplace plugin, and you can install a shipping calculator to your online store, allowing your customers to understand their exact delivery costs in real time.

Marketing and analytics blog, KISSmetrics, found 28% of shoppers abandon their cart when faced with unexpected shipping costs.

Be transparent with your customers and display all shipping information possible so each and every customer (regardless of their location) knows exactly what they can expect to pay.

Consider installing a Transdirect shipping calculator – you’ll help yourself to more conversions and less abandoned shopping carts.

Check out our Developers page for more information about the revolutionary plugins we have available for your ecommerce business.

#2, Install a Shopify, WooCommerce or Magento Integration Plugin

Unfortunately, many ecommerce software platforms won’t play with each other.

There’s nothing more infuriating than paying for separate tech, only to find your ecommerce CMS can’t integrate with your courier or shipping provider.

You want to find a seamless process with across the board integration and minimal manual intervention.

Fortunately, Transdirect integrates with all of the major ecommerce platforms.

Rather than scrambling around the internet looking for couriers and postage services, Transdirect’s Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento Integration Plugins provide access to the largest, most reliable courier and freight companies in Australia, without you having to make a single Google search.

By installing one of these integration plugins to your ecommerce software, you have instant access to Fastway, Couriers Please, Toll Priority, Northline, Mainfreight and more – giving you simple, seamless postage options and a clean checkout experience for your customers.

You’ll also be able to set up integrated quoting and syncing of orders to the Transdirect Members area for simple booking.

We have a range of shipping plugins available for download on our website. Check out our Developer’s Page for all our integration plugins and you’ll be able to start bringing your shipping process under control.

#3 PayPal Integration plugin

If you’re using PayPal to keep track of customer payments and fulfilments, Transdirect’s PayPal Integration plugin can help streamline the customer experience.

The PayPal plugin allows you to bulk export booking information directly into your Transdirect account.

You can finally forget wasting countless hours entering data into your ecommerce software.

Learn how to use the Transdirect PayPal Integration plugin, or contact us today for more information on how to improve your PayPal/Transdirect experience

Streamline your shipping process by installing innovative shipping software and plugins

Selecting the right shipping software is critically linked to your ability to maintain successful and sustainable customer relationships.

Your online checkout process must be fast, simple and hassle-free.

83% of ecommerce customer satisfaction comes from ease of checkout.

You need to set up reliable shipping software and customise your solution to meet your customer’s needs if you want to keep generating sustainable ecommerce profits.

Make sure you put in the research and consider what shipping software is right for your business.

Transdirect’s API software has the advantage of complete customisation, allowing you to install plugins to create a seamless, fast and effective checkout process for your customers, and a hassle-free, profitable shipping process for your ecommerce operations.

All software has advantages and disadvantages.

Take the time to weigh up your options, explore additional plugins and work out the specifics you need from your shipping software.

The decision you make could be the difference between ongoing competitiveness or repeat-customer-generating ecommerce domination.

Want more expert advice on reducing your costs and improving your ecommerce shipping process? Download our shipping made easy guide today and develop a shipping strategy to boost your profit margin.