3 simple investments to build your business long-term

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The age old saying goes “time is money”.
If there’s one thing ecommerce startups need – it’s time… Okay, maybe time is second to cash. Lots and lots of cash.
Owning and running a small ecommerce business can be overwhelming. You’re the boss of a store open 24 hours a day.
Keeping track of inventory, packing, shipping and customer service is all part of the job.
Without the right ecommerce software, shipping services and online store experience it’s almost impossible to generate the kind of growth you need to generate sustainable success.


3 shipping software timesavers to help you kickstart your ecommerce business

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Shipping and fulfilment has to be one of the most confusing parts of running an ecommerce business.
There seems to be an endless amount of providers – all with a myriad of different features, advantages and disadvantages (not to mention the wild discrepancies in the cost of each platform).
Your choice can be mind-bendingly overwhelming – but without solid ecommerce shipping software, you’ll find it nearly impossible to keep track of your fulfilment and logistics.
If you plan on expanding your operations and scaling your business,


4 Australian online shopping statistics you need to know

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As little as 20 years ago, the idea of logging on to your computer, pulling up the internet to find a product you need and submitting your credit card details in the hope said product turns up on your doorstep a few days later would have seemed genuinely insane.
But as of 2017, 85% of Australians are connected to the internet and around 12.1 million Aussies are on social media.
Unquestionably, the future of retail growth is in ecommerce.


The future of ecommerce in Australia

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Australian ecommerce retailers have a bright future ahead.
Growth predictions expect that the Australian ecommerce market will balloon from around $13.9 billion AUD in 2017 to $21.7 billion AUD by the end of 2022.
As Australians increasingly adopt online shopping as a part of their daily lives, the ecommerce industry continues to evolve.   
On the supply side, ecommerce businesses will be eagerly embracing innovation and improvements in areas like customer experience and logistics to differentiate their offerings. 


Shopify vs WooCommerce: Which is the best ecommerce platform for your business?

shopify vs woocommerce

Every experienced ecommerce entrepreneur will agree – without high quality, customisable ecommerce software, you’ll end up working yourself into a blubbering mess.
Your website would look and feel like glorified spam.
Matching customer shipping information to purchased items would be a lengthy (if not impossible) process.
Your inventory management would take up more time than the rest of your ecommerce operations put together.
Worst of all – your customers would be left dealing with a confusing user interface,


3 of the best online shopping carts in 2020

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Shopping carts are possibly the most important part of your ecommerce store.
You’ve already got the customer.
They’re ready to invest.
And then they get to a clunky, painful check out process.
Don’t be that guy.
Don’t be the store which turns away customers in droves.
This blog will guide you through the process of three easy to use checkouts.
Expect loads of helpful pictures, a pinch of inspiration and a hunk of motivation to get your online checkout process streamlined.


How to design your website to maximise ecommerce repeat sales


Repeat sales are the backbone of any sustainable ecommerce business.
Without loyal customers, you’ll have to work so much harder to generate new traffic and convert this interest into first-time sales. This process is much more expensive, with much lower conversion rates.
Poor website design gives your customer the impression your business is amateur and untrustworthy. If the shopper is unfamiliar with your brand, you’ll struggle to generate the commitment required to convert their interest into a sale.


How to come up with life-changing ecommerce business ideas


The hardest part is finding a killer ecommerce business idea to make your dream a profitable reality.

There’s never been a better time to start your own online business.
Ecommerce is growing rapidly with an estimate of $27 trillion in sales by 2020.
All you need is a couple of hundred dollars for a website domain and some ecommerce software and you can have your brand new online store live in a matter of hours.


3 creative ecommerce packaging ideas to help skyrocket your repeat sales


The ‘unboxing experience’ might just be the best part of the ecommerce shopping process.
There’s a little pang of excitement that comes with clicking “place order” and hearing the courier rock up a couple of days later with present just for you.
The rush of your customer’s package delivery moment is supercharged by exciting and beautiful packaging. A little bit of personalisation can lift the ecommerce experience with your brand to the kind of level that keeps them coming back for more and more.


5 reasons why your online sales are dropping


Whether you’re a seasoned ecommerce store owner, or in your first year of running an online store, there’s one defining moment which is sure to strike dread into your entrepreneurial heart.
A drop in sales.
It could be a sudden, jump-off-a-cliff type drop, or it could be a slow and consistent dribbling drop.
Before you begin to break out into a cold sweat, I want you to know you’re not alone.
Every business experiences highs and lows –


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