10 ways to sell more with ai redhead woman at desk

By now you’ve heard the buzz around AI tools like ChatGPT, but you’re probably unclear about what they actually do, how to use them – or if you should even care right now?

Don’t worry, here’s your quick-read guide to five great ways to sell more now with AI tools. 

Note: While there are dozens of tools already available, and more arriving daily, this isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list. 

As a small business leader, you just need a few of the best AI tips, tools and use cases you can explore right away to grow your sales. Here they are. Let’s go!

1. Polish Product Descriptions and Copy

Well-written product descriptions can go a long way to improving your marketing material and organic search visibility (SEO), but writing them yourself might be more than your creativity can handle.

Writesonic is one of the most robust AI copywriting tools on the market, integrated with the internet for the most up to date information. It has a text to speech feature so you don’t have to type, and it remembers past conversations so you can build on your answers.

For both ecommerce and other product-based sales, Writesonic has features tailored to creating product descriptions.

aioptions to sell more for ecommerce product descriptions

Once you enter the product name and a basic list of features, you can choose the tone that best suits your audience and select from a variety of AI created product descriptions.

When we asked it to write a product description for some gaming headphones, here’s a small sample of what we got:

examples of ai product descriptions to sell more

2. Enhance and Optimise Photos for Stronger Sales 

When you don’t have a team of in-house photographers and designers, it can be a big task to get your product images looking their best.

Here are two new AI tools for you that can make better product photos a breeze.

CleanUp.Pictures does exactly that, removing unwanted objects, people or text from your images without leaving a trace.

ai image editing example

Alternatively, you can quickly and easily remove the background from your images, leaving your product as the hero. This works with high accuracy and resolution, giving you the best results.

Once you’ve got your perfect product image, what about changing up that background?

Pebbly uses AI to add all kinds of backgrounds with just the right lighting and drop shadows. This tool can make it look like you became a flat lay pro overnight. Here’s an example of product background variations:

ai product photo editing to sell more

3. Create Amazing Presentation Videos

Hate being on camera? We all know that being able to “show & tell” the story behind your products can make a big difference when it comes to sales conversions, but not everyone is comfortable in front of the lens.

Synthesia creates videos from text using realistic AI video avatars to present your script. They can be overlaid on footage of your product, used to present features and benefits, and even present your product in different languages!

Your avatar can be chosen to suit your target markets or customer segments with different narration styles or local accents.

ai avatar video to sell more

4. Enhance Customer Support and Retention

With the sheer number of social media and communications channels your business is using to communicate with customers, wouldn’t life be way easier if there was one way to integrate everything? Enter TileDesk.

TileDesk is a multi-channel adaptive chatbot that allows you to create your support flow once and integrate it everywhere. From WhatsApp to your website, you can create your own conversational flow and even take payments in the app. 

With a simple drag-and-drop, no-code interface, you can create chatbots, live messaging and support tickets.

TileDesk also has a Free Forever model for small business, making it easy to build a better customer service experience without massive overhead.

ai for customer service

5. Level Up and Automate Market Research  

Business intelligence is critical in highly competitive markets, but in-depth market, customer and competitive research can be time-consuming. 

That’s the thinking behind Browse.AI, a tool that helps you automate those areas, with a selection of pre-built robots and helpful use cases to get started. Examples include: extracting jobs listings, products, posts and search results, and more. 

You can use a tool like this to monitor pricing and product updates in your market, build lists of leads and prospects – and ultimately, to grow your business with a game-changing advantage for your marketing, sales and support.    

ai market research tool

What’s Your Next Move?

AI doesn’t need to be overwhelming and it’s not as complex as it may sound. 

With new AI tools, companies and use cases like these popping up daily – all focused on helping you do more with less – now is the time to explore ways to optimise your operations, increase sales and improve your customer experience to grow your business.