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Packaging Requirements

The following are guidelines to follow before you ship with Transdirect.

  • Packages over 25kg should be split into two cartons where possible
  • Use cushioning materials to protect goods during transit
  • Properly seal all cartons using robust tape so it does not open
  • Write FRAGILE on the box to let us know it requires careful handling
  • Read our Terms and Conditions
  • Print out the consignment note and secure it to the carton
  • Clearly write the delivery address on the box and consignment number
  • Remove all old delivery labels on the box
  • Suitcases and travel cases need to be securely fastened
  • Large and unpackaged items will not be shipped
  • Items over 25kg must be packed on a pallet or crate so they can easily be moved by forklift
  • Lifting equipment must be available at the sending and receiving addresses, otherwise select the Hydraulic Tail lift option
  • For items over 25kgs, you must ensure there is assistance for loading and unloading unless you have selected the Tail lift options, otherwise there will be additional fees
  • Items on a pallet must be properly secured and must not overhang the pallet/skid
  • Obscure objects need to be packaged into a crate for the transit warranty to apply
  • Ensure all strapping does not obstruct forklift tongues during loading and unloading

Please note that we cannot ship dangerous goods, unpackaged items, or objects that exceed 4 metres in length. For more details about our shipping requirements, you can call our customer service team at 1300 668 229.

Measuring the Carton

To correctly measure the size of your carton, please review the image below:

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