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The Future Of Ecommerce Shipping Is Here

Introducing Transdirect’s simple and innovative ecommerce shipping calculator

If you’re an Australian ecommerce business that wastes far too much resource on calculating delivery fees, Transdirect has the perfect solution. Through our API plugin, you’ll receive all the features and benefits your small or large online business has been looking for, including:

  • Fully automated quoting and booking service that makes complicated calculations on individual transactions a thing of the past
  • A ecommerce shipping plugin completely integrated with your website, ensuring a smooth and simple shopping experience for your consumers
  • Simplistic controls on your end too, whereupon receiving a sale all you have to do is check stock availability and tick a box. This will automatically send you an email with the consignment label, which you can then stick onto the product ready for one of our drivers to collect
  • A seamless ecommerce delivery plugin that works in the background of your website, ensuring the overall look and feel of your website is not compromised in any way
  • All documentation and support you need supplied by our professional team
  • A full range of ecommerce delivery services available, including Airfreight and Express deliveries, so you won’t miss the opportunity for a sale from a client who can’t wait on road freight ever again!

How does our ecommerce courier services and online module work?

Transdirect has worked hard to ensure our ecommerce shipping system is as simple as possible:

  1. A client searches your site, then decides to purchase an item.
  2. All they need to enter is their postcode, and the accurate delivery quote instantly appears.
  3. The client then decides to go ahead with the purchase and proceeds to the payment page, where the item’s purchase price is displayed, along with the delivery price (postage and handling if so desired).
  4. They then confirm the payment.
  5. They enter all their personal and delivery details at the same time.
  6. You then supply them with an explanation of how the delivery process works.
  7. Our system will then notify you that a booking has been made, asking you to verify the stock is ready to go.
  8. Our system will then send you via email, the consignment label for the item/s.
  9. Our driver comes to pick up on the next available run.

And that’s it!

We look forward to helping solve your transport requirements.

We’ve got you covered. Send with Transdirect and start saving today!Get a Quote