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You never know when express shipping requests are going to strike.

A client might want a package delivered within a metro area in less than four hours. Another might want a reliable service to ship bulky items overseas.

You want to be a shipping superhero for your clients, which means you need to be prepared for a wide range of strange requests, from sending items across the country, internationally, or even to the moon (hey, we’re not that far away, right?).

Our network of carriers can provide the flexible delivery services you need. We offer overnight, same-day, express, and economy shipping, ensuring your parcels get to where they need to be – and fast.


We’ve got the run-down of our 9 most popular freight services, examples of their superhuman speed, and how affordable freight can improve your business for the better. Read on and find the ultimate solution to your shipping needs!

1. Nationwide Road Express

When you’re shipping packages between capital cities, regional centres, and remote locations, you can rely on our network of road express carriers.

This option is perfect for when time is a priority. Nationwide Road Express has a super-fast delivery speed and is the perfect combination of reliability and affordability when your items need to travel across the country.

Nationwide Road Express might also be cheaper than you think – for example, you can send a 20kg package from Melbourne to Sydney within one business day with TNT from $17.28 (including GST).

2. Nationwide Road Economy

You can reach any destination in Australia with Transdirect’s network of Road Economy Carriers that specialise in business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and consumer-to-consumer freight services.

Road Economy is a simple solution if you want to offer low-cost shipping to your customers, or need to ship heavy or oversized packages at reduced rates – you can send a 5kg package from Melbourne to Sydney within two business days with Couriers Please from $9.90 (including GST)!

3. International Import and Export Air Express

It’s a small world with Transdirect’s network of worldwide air express carriers that provide door-to-door delivery solutions between a huge range of countries to suit every shipping need.

Choose this service when you need to send packages overseas with the fastest possible delivery time.

For example, send a 1kg satchel from Melbourne to Singapore within one business day with Toll Priority from $19.14 (including GST)!

4. International Import and Export Air Economy

Sending your packages overseas doesn’t have to cost the earth. Transdirect offers a range of International Air Economy freight services that will get your packages into the hands of your international customers and clients without blowing your budget.

You can send a 10kg package from Melbourne to Singapore within three business days with TNT Economy Express from $61.90. Transdirect carriers also offer international pallet and bulk freight services when you need to ship high volume or bulky items overseas.

5. Capital City Same-Day Local 1, 2 and 4-Hour Delivery

If you do business within the Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth or Adelaide metro area, Transdirect’s network of Capital City Carriers can provide priority same-day local delivery.

This is an excellent option when every minute counts and you need to get your package to its recipient within one, two or four hours of pick up.

For example, you can send a 5kg package between locations with the Melbourne metro area with Direct Couriers within three to four hour service from $8.40 (including GST) or
within one to two hours from $16.48 (including GST)

6. Nationwide Premium Same Day Delivery

Sending a package between major destinations Australia wide on a tight timeline? You need our same-day delivery service.

Transdirect’s network of same-day delivery providers offers door-to-door pickup and drop-off to and from Australia’s main capital cities including Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide.

You can send a 1kg satchel from Melbourne to Adelaide with pick-up within 60 minutes and same-day delivery on the next available flight with Priority Service from $152.93 (including GST).

7. Nationwide Next Business Day Delivery

Transdirect knows the importance of fast interstate delivery that doesn’t blow your budget, which is why our network of carriers offer a range of affordable next-day and overnight delivery between major Australian cities.

You can send a 1kg from Melbourne to Sydney within one business day with Couriers Please from $7.43 (including GST and insurance up to $1,000), or choose an overnight service such as TNT Overnight Express and ship your 1kg package from Melbourne to Sydney while you sleep for $12.98 (including GST).

8. Nationwide Standard Package Delivery

We know time isn’t always your most pressing issue, which is why we offer a range of cost-effective Standard Package Delivery options which have all the same features of our express services but will save you – and your customers – money on shipping costs.

All our Standard Package Delivery services include clear and transparent communication throughout every step of the process, including package tracking. Couriers Please allow you to send a 5kg package from Melbourne to Sydney from as little as $9.90 (including GST and insurance up to $1,000).

9. Local, Interstate and International  Bulk and Pallet Services

Transdirect offers an affordable pallet delivery service available locally, interstate, and internationally when Aussies need to send items in bulk. Pallets ensure safety for loads weighing over thirty kilograms, giving strength and stability when shipping. Our pallets reduce the costs of manual handling, making for an efficient and safe pallet delivery process.

Customers are charged by calculating weight and volume, plus the freight pallet system makes stacking very efficient, avoiding the extra costs and surcharges. Pricing starts from as low as $16.65 (including GST) per pallet.

Don’t keep your customers waiting any longer – add our flexible freight to your business arsenal

Running a business can feel a lot like a juggling act, and fast, affordable shipping can be the hardest ball to catch.

It’s our goal to make shipping a breeze for your business. Our freight services are designed to meet the needs of your clientele, whether they’re around the corner or across the globe, so you can rest assured knowing your stock is reaching customers worldwide.

We offer overnight, same-day, express, and economy freight services – whatever your budget, we can match you with a courier that can get the job done right.

Our freight services can move mountains for your business. Contact us on 1300 668 229 and we’ll solve your shipping dilemmas today!


*Shipping prices quoted as of March 2018