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Save More Money on Shipping in 2023: 6 Strategies to Get Started

woman at laptop excited to save more money on shipping

In 2023, cost-effective shipping strategies will be more important than ever. 

From selecting the right couriers to product packaging options, small businesses need to adopt a smart shipping plan that fits their growing needs – while holding the line on costs.

With the right strategy in place, you can reduce costs, increase efficiency, and ensure your customers’ satisfaction. 

Here are six areas to start with, to level up your small business courier and shipping processes this year.


Cheap Courier Quotes: Save More with Multipickup Options

woman shipping multiple parcels

Looking for ways to save more on parcel delivery couriers and get cheaper express shipping?
Great news: Multipickup might be just what you need this silly season (and beyond)!
Let’s dive into what it is, how it works and how you can win with this “super saving” option.
The More You Send, The More You’ll Save
You probably know that Transdirect members get access to Australia’s cheapest courier quotes, and that membership is free with instant approval. 


Get the Best Courier Rates, Even Faster: 5 Tips for Members

Three things every business wants from shipping: the best couriers, the lowest rates, and a fast, hassle-free booking process.
While we take pride in delivering on those areas, we’re always working to improve on them (and more).
Plus, the biggest savings — not just on rates, but on time and efficiency — can be found in our Member’s Area.
It’s kind of like Gold Class. But free. (BYO popcorn.)
Ready to streamline your shipping? Sign into our Members Area and give these tips a go.


4 reasons why your ecommerce business should pick a carbon neutral freight company

Carbon Neutral Freight

There’s no getting around it – climate change is a clear and present danger. 
Over the last three decades, the earth’s temperature has increased 0.9 degrees – a man-made change which has triggered an increase in catastrophic weather events and a rising sea level. 
We’ve caused a massive increase in carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere – and if we don’t take immediate action, we’ll be forced to deal with the consequences of our actions.

Image: NASA
Because of these statistics and the ever-changing weather patterns,


Transdirect expands carbon neutral shipping in Australia and globally

panorama of rainforest

We have been aware of the environmental impact of the freight and logistics industry for years now.
The environment is changing at a rapid pace and we are conscious of the impact that businesses like ours have.
Myself and fellow director Nigel Beale determined we had a personal responsibility to do something on behalf of our company and our customers – becoming Carbon Neutral certified is a huge step in the right direction for ensuring the protection of our environment.


New services alert: Couriers Please & Fastway Multi-Tiered pricing

Couriers Please delivery person

We’ve found it.
The holy grail of nationwide delivery with free tracking and heavy discounts.

Image: giphy
Transdirect has teamed up with Couriers Please and Fastway to create new domestic, nationwide parcel delivery services, complete with:

Reliable tracking

Conditional warranty up to $1,000 for Couriers Please and up to $1,500 for Fastway (included in the price)

Full access to POPPoint Locations throughout Australia through Couriers Please

Discounts for parcel pickups of more than 5, 10 or 21 items.


Googys: How Transdirect helped this protein business pack a bigger punch

man with eggs

If there’s one thing customers love from an online store, it’s free shipping. Our friends over at Googys know this well. 
According to new data on customer loyalty, 61% of customers are motivated to test out a new brand or product if a business offers free shipping. If there’s no free shipping, the same amount of customers are inclined to abandon cart! That’ll scramble your business growth potential!
Yep, there’s serious potential in offering free shipping.


2 ways your accounts team will benefit from the Transdirect Members Area

Tax time can be stressful – there’s no doubt about it.
In the weeks leading up to tax time, business owners start scrambling to find receipts, invoices, statements, financial data and more. Then, it’s time to grab a calculator and start punching numbers or, alternatively, you can have an accountant do the hard yards for you.
Frankly, we know what we’d rather be doing than our taxes.

Image: giphy
If you’re a top bloke or gal,


How to get the most out of our convenient contact page


At Transdirect, our customer service team is fast-acting and dedicated to solving customer queries. We want running a business and shipping to customers to be as smooth as the bonnet of a Porsche.
However, sometimes calling the customer service line isn’t the fastest and most efficient solution. Your time is better spent elsewhere – we know that – which is why we’ve developed a super-interactive contact page where you can find answers fast.

Our contact page is packed with useful information and touch-points to solve a range of FAQs.


Become a Transdirect whizz with the “How To Use Transdirect” ebook

How to use Transdirect

Thinking of joining Transdirect’s exclusive Members’ Area?
You’re about to make shipping much simpler for yourself, your business and your customers. You’re also going to minimise the amount of time you spend per week on needless administrative tasks like booking and managing couriers, tracking items for customers, and answering customer queries about the cost of shipping.
Business owners and executives spend an average of 21.8 hours per week on time-wasting, low-value and no-value activities. With Transdirect’s Members’ Area,


We’ve got you covered. Send with Transdirect and start saving today!Get a Quote