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Looking to send a package to a remote location?

No? How about some speedy metro delivery, or the best price on sending bulky items?

Are your customers desperate for same-day delivery, or the ability to select a specific date for their package to arrive?

You’re a business owner. You want to provide a wide range of shipping options and give your customers the best possible post-purchase experience.

However, express or global delivery can be expensive for the business, causing cash flow problems and with increasing sales – especially in busy holiday periods – there seems to be a shortage on time, too.

We know the shipping requirements of a business owner change from day to day and from package to package… but what’s the solution?

The best prices for all types of international and domestic delivery situations

We want to make managing your shipping expenses as flexible as possible. We strive for this flexibility with our almost endless range of couriers, to the various payment options available for our customers.

We offer a range of flexible payment solutions from upfront payments to credit accounts, so you can choose how and when to pay while building up potential discounts over time.

You need to be prepared to ship whatever, wherever, in the least amount of time possible, so we’ve borrowed an excerpt from our upcoming ebook about our flexible shipping options so you can better understand how much you can benefit from becoming a Transdirect member.

Flexible delivery payment option #1: Upfront payment account

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Want to get payments out of the way immediately?

No worries.

You can use a credit card to finalise payments through our upfront payment accounts.

We can automate your payments immediately after an order is confirmed.

That’s one less admin task you need to worry about so you can spend more time focusing on growing your business.

Simply enter your credit card details and save them in the Transdirect Members Area so you don’t have to re-enter your card details each time you make a booking.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more streamlined and secure approach to immediate payment, consider linking your Paypal account to Transdirect.

Paypal allows you to bypass sharing your credit card details and for an added bonus, you can attach multiple credit cards which you can swap and change as time goes on.

Yep, making immediate payments through Transdirect is simple, convenient, and user-friendly, but we understand there are going to be times when upfront payment isn’t an option…

Flexible delivery payment option #2: Credit account

Sitting down to work out invoices and statements on day-one just isn’t feasible sometimes.

You’re swamped with orders, enquiries, order fulfilment and to be honest, entering credit card details can be the most irritating time-suck when you’ve got a million other jobs to do.

Whether you’re strapped for cash or running low on spare time – we have a bunch of flexible payment options to suit your needs.

Our credit accounts offer seven days of breathing time which gives you time to sort out your cash flow (and your schedule) before completing a payment.

We know how much your sales volumes can fluctuate with key events and seasonal dates. Ease some of that pressure with our credit account option.

We want our shipping solutions to be simple and stress-free. We’re not going to harass you for cash. However, we will need a credit reference authorisation to set up the account.

As an added bonus, members can view or print statements online through the Transdirect Members Area.

And we haven’t even talked about the best perk of becoming a Transdirect Member?

You might want to keep reading…

(It involves you saving cash the longer you stay with Transdirect)

Juicy Member discounts for loyal Transdirect customers

We value our members. We don’t just pay lip service to the loyalty of our best customers. More than anything else, we love to reward the businesses who stick by us.

Our newest members receive 10% discounts off all services.

But – as time goes on, ongoing customers can receive up to 30% off their orders.

Ain’t that a sweet deal?

If you’re drooling over the concept of generous discounts and simple payments, becoming a Transdirect Member will take you less than five minutes. It’s free to sign up and we offer instant approval – no extra questions or costs.

Head over to our Account Enquiries page to become a Transdirect Member right now!

You’ll be well on your way to those 30% discount loyalty rewards.

The flexible payment options you need to keep your order fulfilment profitable

Keeping on top of orders and order fulfilment can be a really stressful job.

Shipping costs need to be calculated, different sized parcels and packages need to be packed, then the stock needs to be shipping off to all corners of the country – or the world.

There’s a lot of ground to cover once an order has been placed by a customer. The last thing you need on your mind is how – and when – you’re going to pay the couriers.

We want to remove the stress from order fulfilment so you can maximise your focus on growing your ecommerce business, which is why we offer flexible payment options and multiple reliable, professional courier companies to choose from.

Upfront payment account Credit account Member discounts
Credit card or Paypal payment options are available. Seven- or 30-day terms available depending on your needs. Open a free Transdirect account and receive a 10 percent discount on all services.
Save your preferred payment option details in your Members’ Area. All invoices and statements are available through the Transdirect Members’ Area. Ship over $250 per week and we’ll take $100 off your first invoice.
No need to re-enter your payment details each time you make a booking. Credit reference authorisation is required. Continue to ship over $250 per week to qualify for ongoing volume discounts up to 30%.

Becoming a Transdirect Member can open up opportunities to sweet discounts, increased courier access, and flexible payment options so you can buy now, pay later, and save your payment details for easy access for future orders.

Head over to the Account Enquiries section in the Education Centre for more information about becoming a Transdirect Member.

Want to take advantage of our flexible payment options and discounts? Contact us today for more information about our membership program!