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Ebay Postage Calculator

How can you get the cheapest eBay shipping rates? Look no further than Transdirect.

If you run an eBay store and want a fast, easy way to get real postage costs for shipping products, our free Transdirect Postage Calculator widget is for you (and your eBay customers, of course). We’ll help you find the cheapest way to send parcels throughout Australia, locally, interstate and internationally.

Save 10-30% on eBay Shipping Costs

Option A: The Super Sender

Got a bigger eBay business that’s sending lots of packages each week? Sending a high volume and tired of typing in the same details all the time? Our Transdirect eBay Shipping Integration is for you.

This is the ultimate tool to save on shipping costs.

Simply connect your eBay account to Transdirect and have all your orders feed directly into our booking system. Your tracking numbers will even appear on your sold listings inside eBay!

Plus, as a Transdirect Member, you can save all your preferred settings like dimensions, addresses, preferred couriers and more, to make shipping in bulk a breeze.

For The Super Sender

Get the Full eBay Shipping Integration!

Option B: The Occasional Sender

If you aren’t regularly sending heaps of packages, or have a smaller volume of say 3-5 packages per week, our Transdirect eBay Postage Calculator is the tool for you.

Embed this simple little widget on your eBay listings to help customers get the best shipping quote — and place their bids or Buy Nows even faster.

Just plug in your parcel size and weight details, grab the free Shipping Quote code, and copy/paste it into your eBay listing description for customers to generate the real costs.

Our eBay postage costs for interstate and international parcel delivery from Australia are the lowest in the industry, and are typically much cheaper than parcel post.

So save yourself time (and hassle) and grow your eBay business with the shipping solution that’s right for you!

For The Occasional Sender, Try our Transdirect Postage Calculator below today!

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