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Transdirect Do Not Ship Dangerous Goods


Here at Transdirect, we value honesty and being upfront about our shipping policies.
Which is why we have this page to clearly state – Transdirect does not ship your dangerous goods.
There are many different rules and regulations when it comes to shipping items which are classified as dangerous goods.
Transdirect does not offer dangerous goods shipment services. We work with couriers who do offer dangerous goods services, however Transdirect does not offer these.
If your goods are classified as dangerous to transport under section 14 of your MSDS sheet –


5 ways to save money on international shipping

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Keep your online customers happy with fast, efficient international shipping that doesn’t bust the budget.

Smart e-commerce retailers know how to save on international shipping. Cutting down your freight costs will help you compete against local players that charge lower delivery fees, and ensure your customers are getting the best deal possible on international shipping.
Follow these five tips to reduce your international shipping costs:

1. Use a freight aggregator
While it’s tempting to offer your customers flat-rate international shipping,


International shipping policy examples: How the big brands do it


Hungry for international e-commerce success? Find out how three of Australia’s biggest online retailers do it.

When putting together your international shipping policy, it helps to see what works for other successful e-commerce brands that have successfully built a global presence off the back of efficient international shipping procedures.
Here’s how three big Australian online retailers set out their international shipping policies:
Leading Australian fashion retailer Bonds is known around the world and ships to a wide range of countries.


6 free online tools to improve your international shipping

Range of tools

Use these six free online tools to make managing your international shipping easier than ever.

Thanks to a suite of free online tools and resources, managing your international shipping is easier than ever. Use these online calculators to make sure you’re set up for success:

Duty calculator
Each country you ship products to applies different duties and taxes that you may be required to pay. Use this duty calculator to assess country-specific duties that you’ll need to build into your international shipping costs.


Checklist: How to start shipping overseas

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Ready to take your e-commerce business global? Follow this seven-step checklist to start shipping overseas…

Setting up your international shipping policies and processes can seem overwhelming, but it all comes down to investing some time in research before launching into new overseas markets.
While it’s vital to understand your new international markets, you’ll also need to do a cost analysis for each target destination to ensure country-specific duties, taxes and shipping costs don’t price you out of the market.


6 common mistakes when shipping overseas (and how to avoid them)

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From forgetting duties and taxes to over promising on delivery timeframes, here are the most common mistakes e-commerce businesses make when shipping overseas…

Thanks to online shipping aggregators and freight companies that are rapidly evolving to ease international shipping for Australian e-commerce retailers, it’s easier than ever to grow your business into a global brand. (If you’re thinking about starting global shipping- check out our four step guide to determine whether your business should go global.


Should you ship overseas? The four-step guide

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Not all products suit overseas shipment. Follow this four-step guide to determine whether your e-commerce business should be going global

While the potential of accessing international markets may leave you feeling more excited than ever about the future of your e-commerce business, it’s important to remember that not all products suit overseas shipment.
Follow this four-step guide to determine whether you should ship your product overseas:
1 Product weight
Just like domestic shipping, international freight is largely calculated on the weight and size of your product.


The pros and cons of international shipping

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Entering new international markets can be an effective way to rapidly grow your e-commerce business. But it comes with a few challenges you need to consider.

Thinking about taking your e-commerce business global? (If you are, check out our 4 step guide first to decide whether you should ship overseas).
Implementing an international shipping policy comes with many positives including the opportunity to grow your business by selling a wider range of products to larger markets.


International shipping from Australia: State of the industry overview

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Rising internet penetration rates around the world and the emergence of a new Asia Pacific middle class are driving the rapid growth of Australia’s international shipping industry.

Australia’s e-commerce retailers are increasingly tapping into lucrative international markets as rapidly increasing internet usage around the world make global online shopping the new retail powerhouse.
In fact, market research predicts that the web will account for 12.4 per cent of all global retail sales by 2019 and international shipments are expected to comprise up to 20 per cent of Australia’s total e-commerce purchases by 2017.


Estimated international shipping rates and delivery times

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International shipping may be more affordable than you think.

Refer to these estimated delivery times and costs to see if international shipping is the right move for your e-commerce business.
While international shipping prices and delivery timeframes vary depending on parcel size and weight, along with destination country and freight provider, we’ll help get you started with these estimated shipping prices and timeframes to popular countries.

Delivery type
Estimated delivery time
Estimated delivery cost (1kg)

International express
3 business days
From $32.33

New Zealand
International express
2 business days
From $24.87

International express
2 business days
From $41.20

International express
2 business days
From $42.53

International economy express
1 business day
From $30.14

Please note that these delivery timeframes and costs are estimates only.


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