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One of the best freight companies in Melbourne delivering nationwide

If you want reliable, timely, and cost-efficient shipping, look no further than the courier services of Transdirect. Operating across Australia, we utilise our wealth of knowledge and experience to transport your freight in a way that suits your needs best.
We work with both commercial and residential clients to assist with the following:

  • Interstate Couriers: : for those outside of Melbourne wishing to use our shipping services, or for when you want to move goods between Victoria and another state in Australia
  • Same Day Delivery: for anyone in a rush to get their freight to its intended recipient
  • Next Day/Overnight Delivery: while you are sleeping, our couriers will be making sure your package is in transit
  • Package Delivery: don’t have a time limit but still appreciate timely, affordable and reliable shipping? We’ve got you covered
  • Door to door service: so you don’t have to transport your items anywhere. At Transdirect, we’re the ones who do the heavy lifting and running around

Additionally, we offer you access to a clear and transparent tracking tool which allows you to monitor the progress of your package from the moment it leaves your hands to the moment it reaches those of the person you sent it to. We can send you email alerts and SMS notifications, all included in our unbelievably low prices. Another feature we’d love for you to take advantage of is our online quotes form which quickly calculates the cost of our delivery solutions depending on your needs. We adjust our prices according to your required date and time of pickup, priority level, requested time in transit, size and destination location. We consider all variables before quoting a price because we don’t think you should pay a cent more than is necessary. Get in contact with Transdirect today to discover why we’re a leading courier company, or check out our various other locations for more information, including:

Our courier services include:


Transdirect is dedicated to offering you the most competitive cost schedule possible, which is why our premium local prices start from as low as $6.99. Get a quick quote to find out how affordable your freight delivery can be!