Should you ship overseas? The four-step guide

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Not all products suit overseas shipment. Follow this four-step guide to determine whether your e-commerce business should be going global While the potential of accessing international markets may leave you feeling more excited than ever about the future of your e-commerce business, it’s important to remember that not all products suit overseas shipment. Follow this […]


The Pros and Cons of International Shipping

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Entering new international markets can be an effective way to rapidly grow your e-commerce business. But it comes with a few challenges you need to consider.   Thinking about taking your e-commerce business global? Implementing an international shipping policy comes with many positives including the opportunity to grow your business by selling a wider range […]


International Shipping From Australia: State Of The Industry

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Rising internet penetration rates around the world and the emergence of a new Asia Pacific middle class are driving the rapid growth of Australia’s international shipping industry.   Australia’s e-commerce retailers are increasingly tapping into lucrative international markets as rapidly increasing internet usage around the world make global online shopping the new retail powerhouse. In […]


7 ways to reduce product returns

product returns

Dealing with excessive product returns costs you time and money, and runs the risk of building customer frustration that leads to poor online reviews. Even if you’ve streamlined your returns policy, it still pays to focus some attention on reducing the number of product returns being sent back your way. Here are seven things you […]


E-commerce lessons from the big five: shipping and returns

big 5 online retailers

Transparency in your postage and returns policy is the key to managing customer expectations and avoiding disappointment and disputes. However, knowing where to display your postage and returns policies on your website, how to navigate to them, which content to cover and how to format it can cause enough confusion for you to toss it […]


10 ways to pimp your ecommerce packaging

pimp your packaging

For online retailers, your packaging is often the major tangible touch point for your brand. So getting your packaging right is not only important for keeping your shipping costs down, but is also an opportunity for you to add to the overall customer experience. Here are 10 ecommerce packaging ideas that surprise and delight: 1. […]


5 ways to use parcel tracking to increase repeat sales

parcel tracking

For ecommerce retailers, your online reputation is everything. And as consumers increasingly turn to your online reviews to gauge the quality of your business, ecommerce entrepreneurs must pull out all stops to avoid negative customer feedback. According to a BrightLocal survey, 88 per cent of consumers have read online reviews to determine the quality of […]


How to master your ecommerce product returns policy

ecommerce returns policy

Your returns policy wields a heavy impact on your ability to win repeat business. Make it easy for your customers and they’ll buy from you in future with trust, but get it wrong and you’ll be waving goodbye to frustrated customers forever. Here’s how five of Australia’s biggest online retailers handle their returns to ensure […]


6 things you must know about postage insurance

postage insurance

There’s nothing more frustrating for a customer than patiently waiting for their product to arrive only to pop open the package to find it has been damaged in transit. It’s one of the major risks of buying online, and a good reason why offering postal insurance to your customers makes sense. With postage insurance in […]


What customers want: fast or free delivery?

delivery timeframes

Australians can be a demanding bunch – especially when it comes to online shopping. According to research by Lithium Technologies, customer expectations are rising sharply in Australia as we embrace the conveniences of the ecommerce revolution. The study revealed that Australians are among the most demanding and impatient internet shoppers in the world – 72 […]


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