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About the guide

In this ebook, we reveal the postage strategies you need to compete in a fast-changing market and how to ensure that delivery costs and timeframes meet your customers’ expectations, without taking an unsustainable bite out of your bottom line.

To win the full rewards of the online retail revolution, ecommerce entrepreneurs must be prepared to meet the rising demand head-on with a well-defined postage and shipping strategy that will save you time and money.

In the ebook you'll learn:

  • Why you need an ecommerce postage strategy, now!
  • How to communicate your postage and returns policy on your website
  • How five of Australia’s biggest online retailers do postage
  • Why stunning ecommerce packaging can boost your business
  • Whether to offer free, flat-fee or variable postage
  • How five of Australia’s biggest online retailers do product returns
  • How to reduce your postage costs in Australia
  • How to reduce product returns to save money
  • How to make money from postage costs
  • And more…
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