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We’ve borrowed 10 customer case studies from our upcoming ebook which reveal the multiple ways Transdirect’s shipping aggregator can add value to your business.

But this article is not about showing off our success stories.

We want to show you how a collection of businesses are using Transdirect to improve 4 critical areas of their operations:

  • Reducing your shipping costs
  • Improving post-purchase customer service
  • Providing more flexible shipping options for your customers
  • Decreasing the expense and volume of product returns

These 4 objectives sit high on the priority list for almost every ecommerce business.

Find out how 10 Australian businesses have tackled these challenges in practice so you can start smashing your own fulfilment objectives with the help of Transdirect’s simple shipping software.

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F45 Sea Shepherd Australia Jenjo Games Sin City Rims Salt Lamps Australia
My Paper Cups SGM Nappy Cakes by Emma Laptop Screen Replace eWelders

Shipping Solution Case Study #1: F45

The client

Image: Matt Hodgson

F45 is a fitness business which offers scientifically designed 45-minute functional workouts. The company has grown from a single location to more than 800 locations in 26 countries, including over 400 studios in Australia.

Their expected growth in the US reaches up to 20,000 studios.

F45’s operational challenge

Effectively managing growth is a challenge for this rapidly expanding Australian innovator.

The business is highly systemised and each new facility must be sent the same equipment and technology to ensure consistency across the franchises. Shipping bulky fitness equipment and event gear requires a fast and reliable service which consistently delivers the best prices.

The Transdirect shipping solution

“We use Transdirect to ensure a sufficient supply chain to our franchise network across Australia,” Oliver said.

“Whether it’s a next day service or same day within the same city, Transdirect enables us to have a range of services and know we’re getting the most competitive rates.”

Transdirect’s shipping calculator provides a range of suitable shipping options, meaning F45 can trust staff members to make the order and know they’re making the right choice for their logistics needs.

Check out the full F45 case study for more Transdirect advantages!

Client Case Study #2: Sea Shepherd

The client


Sea Shepherd Australia uses innovative direct-action tactics to investigate, document and take action when necessary to expose and confront illegal activities on the high seas.

The non-profit organisation relies solely on generous donations from individuals and businesses to stay afloat. Their support comes in the form of financial donations or supplies and services.

Sea Shepherd’s replenishment challenge

Many businesses donate goods to replenish the Sea Shepherd ships. These goods come to the organisation’s operations base in Victoria, and then need to be transported to their fleet.

Shipping merchandise to supporters has also been a challenge for the NGO, as timing and shipping costs versus benefits to the organisation are a factor to consider.

The Transdirect shipping solution

Transdirect provides Sea Shepherd with multiple courier options , which allow the organisation to select the option best suited to their individual needs.

Sea Shepherd also uses Transdirect to send parcels to onshore volunteer chapters across Australia.

The easy-to-use online booking system means the shipment redirection process can be completed efficiently and effectively.

The huge range of courier services was an important factor for Sea Shepherd to choose Transdirect, along with our friendly customer service. If you’re looking for more info about Sea Shepherd’s experience with Transdirect, check out the full case study today.

Client Case Study #3: Jenjo Games

The client


Image: Jenjoes

Jenjo Games is a Victoria-based online retailer of beautifully crafted garden games sold via their ecommerce website and associated eBay store.

The company has gone from strength to strength as its king-sized games become an increasingly popular feature of garden parties and weddings around Australia. In fact, the company has grown from a small home business into a warehouse operation.

Jenjo’s time challenge

Managing growth doesn’t happen by accident. Jenjo implemented a shipping strategy to ensure packages were arriving on time and meeting the expectations of their growing customer base.

“You must make a business plan and calculate how much shipping charges you can afford,” Jenjo founder, Joe Martiniello, said.

“We offer fixed-rate and free shipping options as everyone wants to save money on shipping.”

The Transdirect shipping solution

Jenjoes implemented our shipping aggregator to calculate delivery times and prices of all the couriers, so the store could offer their clients discounts.

“Transdirect has an excellent website setup, it’s very easy to use and is improving all the time. The terms and conditions skip was a clever inclusion, it’s quick to print off labels and you can integrate it into your website.”

Want to hear more about Jenjoes experience with Transdirect? Check out their full case study for extra details!

Client Case Study #4: Sin City Rims

The client


Image: Sin City Rims

This Brisbane-based online retailer sells aftermarket 4×4 alloy wheels with Australia-wide shipping, and prides itself on its custom approach to high-quality aftermarket alloys.

Today, the company ships around five packages per week. However, it was this low-volume, high-value model which caused the business challenges in the early days of its operation.

Sin City Rims’ damaged stock challenge

Sin City Rims biggest challenge was damaged stock in freight, as well as couriers not turning up on the day of delivery.

Damage to high-value stock was threatening to take a major bite out of the company’s bottom line, and slow deliveries were undermining its commitment to superior customer service.

The Transdirect shipping solution

Switching to Transdirect had a major impact on Sin City Rims’ business.

“I can offer much better rates to rural customers and get more business because freight is so much cheaper,” Sin City Rims founder, Cass Rigbye, said.

This flexibility is particularly important to ensuring the company’s variable-rate shipping policy doesn’t serve up any unexpected freight costs as delivery rates fluctuate with size and weight between providers.

“I can go on Transdirect’s website day or night and get an exact quote so I can quote my customers whenever and wherever,” she said.

Interested in Sin City Rims experience using Transdirect? Head over and read their full case study for more details.

Client Case Study #5: Salt Lamps Australia

The client


Image: Healthy Hubs

Steven Bettles has been selling Himalayan Salt Lamps online for eight years and has built a thriving business that now ships between 30 and 50 consignments per week.

Salt Lamps Australia’s weighty challenge

The heavy lamps — which are shipped Australia-wide — present a freight challenge with the weighty products originally driving shipping costs sky high.

“Over time we improved by trying new methods of packing and distribution but the weight of the product is the biggest burden for our customers,” Steven said.

Steven trialled several freight providers in an attempt to reduce shipping costs and shopped around to find a courier company that offered the best value for money while also maintaining consistent delivery.

The Transdirect shipping solution

Steven says that since using Transdirect he has been able to reduce costs by around 20 per cent and improve customer service by 10 per cent, but it’s the benefit of a single login that impressed him the most about Transdirect.

“Ease of use, pricing, flexibility and versatility are the best things about Transdirect… along with having a single portal for multiple shipping options,” Steven said.

Want to read more about the advantages of Transdirect for businesses like Steven’s? Read the full Salt Lamps Australia case study .

Client Case Study #6: My Paper Cups

The client


Image: My Paper Cups

My Paper Cups has worked with major clients including Telstra, the Nine Network and Mercedes-Benz and currently sends between 50 to 100 boxes of custom paper cups per week for events and marketing campaigns around Australia and New Zealand from their Sydney factory.

My Paper Cups’ speedy shipping challenge

One of their biggest challenges with shipping and fulfillment was ensuring the cups got to their customers on time.

“A lot of our cups are used at events and if they don’t make it to the customers on time they can potentially miss the event they were created for,” business development manager, Russell Johansen, said.

This need for reliable delivery led Russell and his team to Transdirect’s flexible online courier aggregator that allows the company to balance delivery speed with cost depending on their clients’ needs.

Read more about My Paper Cups’ Transdirect experience in our in-depth case study .

The Transdirect shipping solution

The company has been able to reduce their costs by approximately 25 per cent since using Transdirect. My Paper Cups discovered the necessity for different couriers for different locations as well as timeframes – some couriers are faster at shipping to distant locations while others are more cost effective.

“We use Transdirect because we get to choose the best courier company dependent on what we need for our particular order based on where we’re shipping to, how quickly it needs to get there and the budget we’re working with.”

Client Case Study #7: SGM

The client


Image: Transport for NSW

SGM specialises in supplying and cutting custom film adhesives, including anti-graffiti film, security film and tinted film to their customers in the rail, bus and commercial building industries.

SGM’s efficiency challenge

Efficient delivery is critical for SGM’s clients, especially in an emergency. However, SGM have some advanced fulfilment requirements. The team is constantly shipping large packages across the nation, often to remote areas of Australia.

Large packages and remote areas means varying costs and limited options when it comes to freight.

The Transdirect shipping solution

Working with Transdirect has significantly reduced SGM’s shipping costs, and directly improved the team’s ability to fulfil deliveries to meet and exceed their client’s expectations.

The freight calculator on the Transdirect website has allowed SGM to successfully implement a flexible shipping strategy.

“We like the access to multiple freight providers where we can manage directly the required delivery time versus the most competitive price,” Contracts Manager, Gareth Brown.

“For our larger consignments the costs differ by up to $1000 per booking. Transdirect gives us the ease to compare and choose the best solution in both delivery time and cost.”

For more details about SGM’s experience with Transdirect, head over to our full case study .

Client Case Study #8: Nappy Cakes by Emma

The client


Image: Nappy Cakes By Emma

Nappy Cakes by Emma offers gifts for new mothers by assembling practical newborn supplies into a cake shape. These gifts are a favourite for baby showers and a saviour for last-minute gift buyers.

Nappy Cakes By Emma’s reliable rates challenge

Emma, the founder and owner of Nappy Cakes by Emma, quickly discovered the importance of fast and reliable delivery dates for her customers.

Her target audience needs a rock solid commitment to on-time delivery as the date of the baby shower event is non-negotiable.

The nappy cakes are also fragile gifts, which makes careful handling and shipping important. If any packages are damaged during the delivery process, the entire gift (and the customer’s special moment) is ruined.

The Transdirect shipping solution

Nappy Cakes by Emma has never received a complaint regarding damaged products while using Transdirect’s services.

The speed and accuracy of Transdirect’s quotes give Emma the peace of mind to focus on maximising other areas of the customer’s experience. Emma can get back to her customers almost instantly with a customised quote and potential delivery date.

This smooth ordering and delivery process helps Emma turn one-time buyers into loyal customers.

Want to hear more about Emma’s experience with Transdirect? Check out the full case study of Nappy Cakes by Emma .

Client Case Study #9: Laptop Screen Replace

The client


Image: Laptop Screen Replace

Laptop Screen Replace has been replacing laptop screens for more than seven years. The customer packs their broken laptop or desktop monitor and sends it to Laptop Screen Replace to repair. The company then returns the repaired screen to the customer.

After opening a bricks-and-mortar store and experiencing steady growth, the team made the decision to expand nationally.

Laptop Screen Replace’s free returns challenge

Their national expansion meant analysing their shipping strategy in detail and making significant improvements to their existing shipping services.

Laptop Screen Replace focuses on providing an efficient repair service, with a free door-to-door pickup and return service. Quality and effective delivery is a critical selling point for the business.

The Transdirect shipping solution

Transdirect was the only service provider who could meet the cost and efficiency requirements of Laptop Screen Replace.

Transdirect’s optional express shipping allows Laptop Screen Replace to keep their shipping costs low, and gives their customers the flexibility, speed and customer service they deserve.

“We have noticed the simple, modern new-look website, simplified booking process and easier ‘returns/rebook’ option,” Cindy, Manager of Laptop Screen Replace, said.

“It shows Transdirect really listens to their customer feedback and will continue to improve the user experience.”

Read more about Laptop Screen Replace with Transdirect.

Client Case Study #10: eWelders

The client


Image: eWelders

eWelders has grown into a welding material ecommerce superstore and has locked down a significant market share in the online welding industry, which is worth more than $100 million annually.

Ewelder’s shipping limit challenge

Customer service and care are the core of eWelder, and their team is focused on providing accurate and helpful information to their customers.

The business sends goods from multiple warehouses, in a range of weights and freights, to remote locations across Australia.

The Transdirect shipping solution

Transdirect has helped eWelder integrate an automated freight booking service within their existing web platform. This increased eWelder’s efficiency and provides eWelder customers with a superior shopping experience.

“We send over 200 deliveries a month with Transdirect and have found it to be a really valuable service with a high rate of success in terms of getting products from Point A to Point B,” Kym said.

“We’ve found Transdirect to be superior to other freight brokerage style services because it offers insurance on freight, which is important because we are sending valuable goods.”

Want to read more about eWelder’s experience? Check out our full eWelder case study !

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