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Running the show can be a mess sometimes.

You need to keep on top of stock management, customer service, keeping the website up to date, and managing customer expectations, while also juggling shipping (national and international), returns or exchanges, and communicating with the couriers for smooth service.

A fast-paced ecommerce business owner has to know the ins and outs of all this information… without ever losing or missing an order and disappointing a customer.

Sounds impossible, right?

Even Cirque du Soleil contortionists aren’t that flexible.

We’re here to help make your job a little easier.

Automate your shipping process and provide a seamless customer experience with our fully integrated ecommerce plugins that do all the work for you. From WooCommerce to Shopify, our plugins can help lessen your workload and keep customers coming back time and time again for your reliable shipping processes.

Want to learn more? Keep reading to find the right plugin for your business.

How it works 

After downloading and installing one of our innovative plugins, the magic starts to happen and customers can calculate shipping costs before making a purchase.

In the checkout, customers can enter their postcode and get a delivery quote instantly… without ever having to leave your site.

When payment is confirmed, Transdirect makes an automatic delivery booking and emails you a consignment note. Just print the note, secure it to the package, and our driver will pick it up on the next available run.

Sounds like three less jobs for you to do!


shopify ecommerce logo

Image: PC Mag

Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms worldwide. Over 600,000 business owners use the platform to run their store, plus there are over a million active users, and over $55 billion sold via Shopify internationally.

Our Shopify plugin bridges the gap between your online store and your Transdirect account. You can save time entering shipping details and gain more time to focus on the important things.

The major advantages of installing the Shopify plugin include:

  • Default package sizes: enter default dimensions for everyday use, or input custom dimensions as needed
  • Data syncing: your store connects directly to our online shopping system which allows your customers’ shipping data to sync with the Transdirect Member’s Area once they’ve checked out
  • Flexible quote displays: choose which quotes your customers see – for example, you can display all quotes, display only the single cheapest quote, or display the cheapest and fastest quotes available
  • Add extra charges: add any surcharge you’d like either as a fixed dollar amount or as a percentage of the total sale
  • Carrier exclusion: exclude courier companies from quoting so your customers only see quotes from your approved carriers

The Transdirect Shopify plugin connects your customers to our network of couriers, allowing them to access the best value shipping without having to spend hours researching the answers.

The best part? It’s free to download. Head over to our Developer’s Centre to learn more and download your new plugin.


transdirect ebay ecommerce plugin

There are 25 million sellers slinging their goods all over the world through eBay. If you want to keep up with these sellers and reach even one of the 170 million buyers scrolling through the platform, you need to offer fast, affordable shipping…

…You also need to ensure cheap shipping isn’t taking a bite out of your revenue.

With our upgraded eBay Postage Calculator, you can add additional packaging, warehouse, handling, insurance and administration costs to all your shipping quotes while maintaining a seamless customer experience.

Our eBay plugins also allow you to:

  • Data sync: export all your booking information from your eBay store into your Transdirect account for a speedy booking
  • Add extra charges: add handling and administration surcharges to your eBay shipments with Transdirect’s updated eBay postage calculator
  • Carrier exclusion: once your booking data has been synced from eBay to your Transdirect Members’ area, you are free to select from any of our range of carriers

Keep up with the competition (or beat it) with our seamless plugin. Download for free via the Developer’s Centre!


woocommerce ecommerce plugin
WooCommerce powers a whopping 28% of all online stores, integrated with the simple (but effective) blog software of WordPress.

The ecommerce platform might be easy to use, but managing a stream of orders and getting packages shipped sure ain’t.

We offer a free ecommerce plugin which automates your shipping process and provides a seamless customer experience with the fully integrated WooCommerce plugin that does all the work for you.

  • Default package sizes: set your most common package size as the default option, then simply add custom package sizes as required
  • Data sync: automatically upload order data to your Transdirect Members’ area when your customer completes the checkout on your website
  • Flexible quote displays: choose to display all available shipping quotes to your customer, or restrict the displayed quotes to the fastest and/or cheapest single option
  • Add extra charges: apply custom insurance surcharges and general surcharges to cover your handling and administration costs
  • Carrier exclusion: exclude selected courier companies from quoting, and rename courier companies to display simply as ‘road courier’ or ‘air express’

Want to learn more about the WooCommerce Plugin? Check out our Developer’s Centre or download here!


transdirect magento ecommerce plugin
Some of the biggest companies in the world use Magento ecommerce software to run their businesses, including Coca Cola, Burger King, and Charlotte Tilbury.

If you’re running in the big leagues and using an open source ecommerce platform to manage your online store, we’ve got an ecommerce plugin that’ll make shipping smoother and customer service more manageable.

The Magento plugin has some major advantages:

  • Default package sizes: use the default setting for your most common package size, and add customer package weights as needed
  • Data sync: when your customer completes a purchase, the Magneto plug-in automatically uploads their order data to your Transdirect Members’ and makes a delivery booking
  • Flexible quote displays: choose which quotes your customer sees – for example, choose to display all available quotes, or just the fastest and/or cheapest single option
  • Add extra charges: apply shipping and handling surcharges as a fixed dollar amount or as a percentage of the total sale
  • Carrier exclusions: exclude selected courier companies from quoting

Our Magento plugin serves automated bookings straight to your email. Your customers stay happy with faster delivery times and a frustration-free online shopping experience.

Download the Magento plugin for your website at the Developer’s Centre.

Improve your shipping process by downloading one of our FREE integrated plugins 

Nothing quite catches the eye like “FREE” in big black letters.

We want to help ecommerce business owners streamline their shipping and manage customer expectations without a hassle, so we offer our flexible, integratable plugins for free!


Our WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, and eBay plugins automatically upload shipping information from your store to your Transdirect account, so couriers can be booked instantly, cheaply, and easily.
From checkout to delivery, Transdirect has got you covered with simple to use tech. Just download the plugin, install it into your software, and watch the magic happen!

Download one of our life-changing plugins at the Developer’s Centre!