How to use Transdirect

Thinking of joining Transdirect’s exclusive Members’ Area?


You’re about to make shipping much simpler for yourself, your business and your customers. You’re also going to minimise the amount of time you spend per week on needless administrative tasks like booking and managing couriers, tracking items for customers, and answering customer queries about the cost of shipping.

Business owners and executives spend an average of 21.8 hours per week on time-wasting, low-value and no-value activities. With Transdirect’s Members’ Area, we aim to eliminate wasted time and make running an ecommerce business much easier, so you can focus on the more important things…

…like jet-boats and lamborghinis.

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We know learning a brand new business management and booking platform can be intimidating.

You know it’s going to make life simpler but like all things, you’ve gotta learn to crawl before you can walk and you’re going to have to learn how to use it to your advantage… which is why we’ve just launched a brand new ebook designed to help explain how to use Transdirect!

What you’ll learn from this ebook

How To Use Transdirect is packed with helpful resources including video tutorials and visual, step-by-step guides on how to use each and every aspect of the Transdirect Members Area.

You’ll learn to use our fast, streamlined booking functions to your advantage, set your own personalised preferences and settings, and discover how to speed up the booking process

Here’s what you’ll learn with Transdirect:

  • View account summary information
  • Access past booking history and invoices
  • Track consignments
  • Access the “Quick Book” function to speed up bookings
  • Save account preferences
  • Easily book return labels
  • Cancel jobs
  • Print consignments from one PDFs via date range
  • Print labels in both A4 and A6
  • Save regular address data
  • Save regular inventory data
  • Access all API and module data
  • Save payment details including credit cards and PayPal
  • Eliminate repeat entry
  • View, print or download invoices
  • Access statements online
  • View and manage referrals
  • Apply for a rate review
  • Access the latest blogs and articles
  • Discover our FAQs
  • Printing manifest pages
  • Rebook a collection

What are you waiting for? Download our new ebook and start streamlining your business

Running an ecommerce business and managing shipping has never been easier with Transdirect. Just download our brand new ebook and learn the ropes as you go with interactive videos tutorials!

Need more incentive to sign up?

We offer up to 30% off our shipping rates for Transdirect customers… and there’s room for more discounts as a referrer, too.

Sounds like a sweet deal, to us!

Download “How To Use Transdirect” and start making a killing on saved time, cash, and frustrating repeat data entry!

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