Same Day Couriers: 3 Major Advantages For Your Business

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If you have an urgent delivery that needs to get from A to B ASAP then you’ve come to the right place. Transdirect offers same-day delivery services for time-sensitive deliveries.
Same-day services are offered across Australia with the primary focus on ensuring your package is delivered with speed, reliability and safety.
And don’t worry if you don’t live in the city, our services extend beyond the major Capitals. We can provide same-day services to most major regional centres.


11 Transdirect Associate Couriers Who Offer Cheap, Fast Delivery

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At Transdirect, we work with some of the best associate carriers in the business.
Each of our carriers has a different specialisation. Whether you’re after fast metro delivery, are sending to a regional area, deal with heavy packages or want to give your customers the cheapest delivery options possible, one of our carriers will be the right fit for you.
We’ve carefully selected each of our couriers to ensure they meet our strict standards.
Here’s what you need to know about our loveable couriers.


ParcelPoint: Giving You The Flexibility To Send When You Please

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ParcelPoint: The King of Flexibility.
With over 1500 locations in Australia and flexible hours for drop-offs, you are spoiled with flexibility when working with ParcelPoint.
This Australian company offers you huge flexibility (and your customers if they need to return goods) with three major benefits:
#1. Multiple Locations
Instead of being forced to rush to the post office (or wait around for a courier), you are living the life of luxury by having over a thousand different Parcelpoint locations (many at your fingertips!) to pick from.


How To View Account Summary Information In Transdirect’s Members Area

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Here at Transdirect, we’re committed to providing fast, affordable shipping for ecommerce business owners.
We know how busy running an online store can be. Being your own boss means managing employees, keeping track of inventory, communicating with customers, handling exchanges and returns, plus making sure all parcels are getting shipped on time (i.e. as soon as humanly possible).
Juggling so many tasks at once leaves you looking for areas in the business where you can save time and minimise manual labour.


Transdirect’s Insurance & Warranty Policy Summarised


When you ship your products with Transdirect, you are shipping with a company who is dedicated to getting your goods from A to B in good condition. For those who require additional warranty for whatever reason, we also offer a range of insurance and warranty packages.
Two of our couriers offer conditional warranties at no extra cost to yourself – these are Couriers Please and Fastway. These warranties are included in the price of the consignment,


Transdirect Do Not Ship Dangerous Goods


Here at Transdirect, we value honesty and being upfront about our shipping policies.
Which is why we have this page to clearly state – Transdirect does not ship your dangerous goods.
There are many different rules and regulations when it comes to shipping items which are classified as dangerous goods.
Transdirect does not offer dangerous goods shipment services. We work with couriers who do offer dangerous goods services, however Transdirect does not offer these.
If your goods are classified as dangerous to transport under section 14 of your MSDS sheet –


9 Transdirect Freight Services To Get Your Parcel There – Fast

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You never know when express shipping requests are going to strike.
A client might want a package delivered within a metro area in less than four hours. Another might want a reliable service to ship bulky items overseas.
You want to be a shipping superhero for your clients, which means you need to be prepared for a wide range of strange requests, from sending items across the country, internationally, or even to the moon (hey, we’re not that far away,


10 Transdirect Client Case Studies to help you make shipping easy


At Transdirect, we like to prove our worth and improve the services we offer our customers.
We strive to make national and international shipping a breeze for all different types of business owners with our simple website functions, website plugins, and supportive service…
…but don’t take our word for it.
We’ve borrowed 10 customer case studies from our upcoming ebook which reveal the multiple ways Transdirect’s shipping aggregator can add value to your business.
But this article is not about showing off our success stories.


4 Simple, Integrated Plugins For Your Ecommerce Store

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Running the show can be a mess sometimes.

You need to keep on top of stock management, customer service, keeping the website up to date, and managing customer expectations, while also juggling shipping (national and international), returns or exchanges, and communicating with the couriers for smooth service.

A fast-paced ecommerce business owner has to know the ins and outs of all this information… without ever losing or missing an order and disappointing a customer.

Sounds impossible,


The Transdirect Promise: Flexible Payment Options To Manage Your Shipping Expenses With Ease

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Looking to send a package to a remote location?
No? How about some speedy metro delivery, or the best price on sending bulky items?
Are your customers desperate for same-day delivery, or the ability to select a specific date for their package to arrive?
You’re a business owner. You want to provide a wide range of shipping options and give your customers the best possible post-purchase experience.
However, express or global delivery can be expensive for the business,


We’ve got you covered. Send with Transdirect and start saving today!Get a Quote