5 shopify plugins to streamline your Ecommerce store

Best Shopify Plugins

Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms in the business — with good reason. The Shopify App Store is brimming with easy-to-use apps you can plug in to your ecommerce store to streamline your operations and put more money in your pocket. Here are five of the best shopify plugins we’ve seen…
1. Caramel
Social media marketing can eat up hours of your time and ROI can be less than impressive at times. Caramel is changing all that by connecting ecommerce retailers with social media influencers.


How to hit customer expectations like a bullseye each and every time

Back in the day, meeting customer expectations and needs was much simpler. As a standard, customers expected a high level of customer service, friendliness from the in-store staff, and a fair price.
However, the online marketplace has expanded what it means to provide stellar customer service. Now, customers want proactive (and often instant) customer service, personalised shopping experiences, and an easy, largely independent online shopping experience from browsing to checkout.
Needless to say, customer expectations are much higher these days,


How to sell (your brand and products) on Facebook


How to sell (your brand and products) on Facebook
Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that Facebook has become a world-wide phenomenon. More than 2 billion people actively use the platform every month, and more ecommerce brands are turning to Facebook to tap into this market. Whether you’re running an ecommerce startup or an established brand, it’s easy to learn how to sell on Facebook. Just follow these four simple steps…

Step 1: Create a business page

Before you can start selling on Facebook,


How to sell on Instagram: 5 tips every business should know


How to sell on Instagram: 5 tips every business should know
Instagram is a match made in heaven for innovative ecommerce businesses. Sure, there’s the platform’s more than 1 billion active monthly users to sell to, but it’s Instagram’s visual nature and niche culture that makes it the perfect fit for brands looking to build engaged communities.

1. Complete your business profile

An incomplete business profile can hurt your Instagram game. It’s your opportunity to funnel leads to your website,


Why you should sell on eBay


Selling on eBay offers a range of benefits for ecommerce businesses. It’s an ideal low-cost first step for start-ups, but even established ecommerce brands can benefit from selling on eBay alongside your other online sales channels. Here are six reasons why you should sell on eBay…

1. Ebay has low set-up costs

If you’re new to the ecommerce world and don’t yet have your own website set up, selling on eBay is fast, easy and affordable.


How you should measure ecommerce success in 2020


Ecommerce success doesn’t happen by accident. Building sustainable long-term profits requires a commitment to ongoing planning. But how do you ensure that even the best laid plans are achieving the results you need?

It all comes down to consistent measurement. Measure ecommerce success across a range of metrics to reveal where your ecommerce business is succeeding — and where there’s room for improvement.    
Get started with these four key metrics…

#1. Net profit 
It sounds obvious,


3 environmental lessons you can learn from Australia’s online bohemian market

bohemian style

Climate change has been a major talking point in the news over the last few months. 
With bushfires ravaging the countryside and strong winds and drought conditions worsening the damage, climate change is becoming a bigger issue than ever before. 
Pressure is now on for people all over the world to minimise their carbon footprint, and we’re becoming increasingly conscious about our energy usage, recycling practices, water usage, wastage and more – which means our shopping behaviour is changing,


Shipping 101: How to ship products to customers from point A to point B

businessman at the starting line

New to the whole “ecommerce” thing? 
Welcome to the club! Ecommerce offers a world of opportunities to business owners – literally! There are customers all over the world looking for products just like yours, and it’s time to get out there, market your unique point of difference, and watch the sales come rolling in with the help of some killer shipping and marketing strategies.
Wait… what was that last bit? 

Image: GIPHY
Ecommerce isn’t all fun and games –


4 risks associated with offering free shipping


Offering your customers free shipping can be an effective way to remove an important obstacle to purchase and give you the short-term sales boost you’ve been craving.
However, there are some long-term risks associated with shipping for free. Look before you leap and consider these four key factors… 
#1. Watch your profit margin

Your profit margin is the amount of money you make on each product sold. But calculating your profit margin is more complex than simply subtracting the customer’s purchase price from the cost price of the product.


5 Christmas packaging tips to delight new customers


Australian shoppers spent more than $10 billion last Christmas. That leaves little wonder why retailers go into hyperdrive over the holiday season. The December retail boost also means that many first-time customers are likely to be among the new wave of Christmas shoppers checking out your brand.

This offers savvy ecommerce retailers the opportunity to give your new customers a brand experience to remember. Taking your Christmas season packaging to the next level will help you stand out from the other brands under the Christmas tree,


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