Tax time can be a stressful time for ecommerce business owners. Orders come in from all over the world, sometimes hundreds of times per day. Keeping track of all the invoices and statements from couriers, customers and suppliers can be overwhelming.

Finding that one unpaid statement from three months ago?

Forget it. Put it in the too-hard basket. To heck with the accountants.

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At Transdirect, we want to help keep track of records, from customer orders to invoices and statements. Through our exclusive Member’s Area, you can access invoices and statements from weeks, months, even years ago, so you can easily download data for your records (or your accountant).

Want to get on top of your paperwork before the new year? Check out the instructional videos below – or read through our tips and tricks to accessing, downloading and saving important transactional documents.

View, Print Or Download Invoices

1. Navigate to “Billing” in the main menu, then to “Paid”. You can access all previous invoices and consignments in this section, including Booking IDs, paid dates, amounts, and payment methods including up-front and credit accounts.


2. To view old invoices, you can either export them using the date range selector (as highlighted below) or you can select the exact invoice you’re looking for from the list below and click “download”.


3. A new page will open up and the invoice will be available for review, download, or print.


Access Your Statements Online

  1. Navigate to “Billing” in the main menu and then select “Statements”.


2. In “Statements” there will be a selection of old statements and a selectable date range. To print, click the blue “Print PDF” button on the right side of the page.


3. You will be redirected to a printing page and the statement will be available including information like the date, activities, references, due dates, invoice amounts, payments and balance in AUD. You can then choose to download or print the statement.


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