Blogging is one of those tasks every business owner knows they *should* do. It’s a great idea – you can build relationships, push those edgy customers further down the sales cycle and generate more visibility for your business.

It is, however, an investment of your time and resources – blogs are also not directly tied to sales, which can make it hard to show the value of them when justifying the hours and resources dedicated to their development.

We’ll run you through why your business needs to be blogging. Want a hint? They’ll help you increase your customer base, increase sales and boost your sites’ visibility online.

#1. Win more sales by providing more information to your customers

Customers are spending more time than ever before researching before they purchase.

This can be annoying for businesses after a quick sale, but the opportunities here are huge.

Imagine being able to capture a customer at the very top of the funnel, educating and convincing them your business and product is best matched to their needs.

They learn everything they need to learn (and a bit more!), and you gain their trust.

If you have a complex product, or are selling in a niche, highly competitive space or sell high-price items – a blog is an absolute must-have.

People are curious creatures, and you need to be the one answering their questions. If you can’t provide the answers they need your potential customer could move on before you even get a chance to woo them.

A huge sales opportunity can arise from compiling blogs on a particular topic into an ebook. In exchange for a simple email address, your potential customers can access a wealth of knowledge in the form of a nifty download.

And you have a direct line to their personal life.

Email automation is a wonderful tool you can use to encourage your customers to buy from your store, and when you combine it with a sneaky discount code, they’ll be sure to become a happy customer.


#2. Increase your website’s visibility online by ranking for more keywords

If you’ve heard of search engine optimisation (where your business is actively optimising your website to become more visible online), you’ll understand that the more pages you have on your website, the more opportunities you have for people to find your website.

It’s like having twenty doors to your house instead of one.

Having a blog is like having a carpenter making new doors for your house, every month!

When you have a blog on your website, you have the opportunity to not only capture people from the top of the sale funnel, but you also have a huge opportunity to increase your website’s visibility for a range of keywords you otherwise would’ve had no chance of ranking for.

More traffic = more sales = more dollars = one step closer to that beautiful Patek Philippe Nautilus you keep dreaming about.

#3. Use blogs to grow your database and audience reach

Want to know what you get when you put a few blogs into a well-designed PDF, whack it on your website and offer it as a free download in exchange for an email address?

A golden opportunity.

You can reuse blog content in a multitude of ways. You can repurpose the content into infographics, short explainer videos, posters, ebooks and social media posts.

You can build your social media following by generating more engagement, which creates the opportunity for your business to start running Facebook Advertising. You can also offer gated content as a way to collect those valuable email addresses.

Gated content will provide you with email addresses, for you to target with email newsletters, email automation and Facebook Advertising using custom audiences.

Overall blogging is a super valuable tactic for your business – the benefits are threefold! Win new customers, keep existing customers engaged and keep ahead of your competition by appearing for more searches in Google!

Sounds like a winning plan to us.

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