3 reasons to blog In 2019

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Blogging is one of those tasks every business owner knows they *should* do. It’s a great idea – you can build relationships, push those edgy customers further down the sales cycle and generate more visibility for your business.
It is, however, an investment of your time and resources – blogs are also not directly tied to sales, which can make it hard to show the value of them when justifying the hours and resources dedicated to their development.


Three life-changing pieces of software to resuscitate your business in 2019!

Shock your business into success

If you read our blog on setting business goals in 2019, you’ll know how excited we get about clever technology to help streamline and improve your business. It can get overwhelming trying to find the right technologies and software to give your business the boost it needs, so we’ve sourced some of the best for you.
Below we have three different types of software to help take your business from drab to fab in 2019 –


Become a Transdirect whizz with the “How To Use Transdirect” ebook

How to use Transdirect

Thinking of joining Transdirect’s exclusive Members’ Area?
You’re about to make shipping much simpler for yourself, your business and your customers. You’re also going to minimise the amount of time you spend per week on needless administrative tasks like booking and managing couriers, tracking items for customers, and answering customer queries about the cost of shipping.
Business owners and executives spend an average of 21.8 hours per week on time-wasting, low-value and no-value activities. With Transdirect’s Members’ Area,


5 News Years resolutions that will help small business owners smash 2019!

2019 resolutions

The new year is well and truly upon us and among the classic new year fitness fanatics, we have the parents who are determined to be more “mindful” in their school holiday activities and the Instagram addicts who have sworn off spending every waking minute adding to their stories in the new year.
Yes, the new year really brings out the best in everyone.
The new year doesn’t have to be filled with unachievable New Year’s resolutions –


Review historical statements & invoices In Transdirect’s Members Area

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Tax time can be a stressful time for ecommerce business owners. Orders come in from all over the world, sometimes hundreds of times per day. Keeping track of all the invoices and statements from couriers, customers and suppliers can be overwhelming.
Finding that one unpaid statement from three months ago?
Forget it. Put it in the too-hard basket. To heck with the accountants.

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At Transdirect, we want to help keep track of records, from customer orders to invoices and statements.


5 super easy ways to increase your ecommerce conversion rate

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Remember designing your current website?
The design process, picking the colours, arranging the home page, writing the page copy for every page on the damn thing.
It launches, the sun is shining and the birds are singing. You can sit back with your cup of (now Irish) coffee and celebrate the launch of your site.
Sales come in, revenue picks up and life is looking pretty good from where you’re sitting. It could be the “coffee”,


4 bulletproof methods to improve your customer’s experience in your ecommerce store

customer experience management

In 2018, the customers had the power – not the seller.
Customers can make or break a business. With online reviews, forums and unlimited social media reach, customers can spread the word about a bad shopping experience faster than a bullet.
One bad wrap online and voilà – sales start dropping like flies.
It’s crucial to be aware of the experience you’re offering customers through your ecommerce store. Think images, product descriptions, shipping information and access to discounts –


Take advantage of flexible postage label printing in the Member’s Area

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Printing is the last thing ecommerce business owners want to waste time on.
Fiddling with document sizes and cropping. Fitting multiple postage labels onto one page. Printing over and over and over again when the printer keeps spitting out labels in A4 when you wanted them in A6.
Printing can be a major time waster. In fact, according to a recent research project from business experts, 3.2 hours per working week are spent on low-value interruptions –


Sampson Express – delivering freight of all shapes and sizes


Here at Transdirect we are always looking to expand our services to help you, our customers. This is why we work with some of the best couriers across Australia, including Fastway, TNT and Toll.
Sampson Express are our newest courier offering – they are specialists in pallet delivery, servicing Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide. B2B delivery is their area of speciality, ensuring businesses can ship their goods to clients across the country.
With over 40 years experience in the transportation and logistics industry,


Transdirect’s ultimate guide to eliminating data entry in the Members Area

Save Time and Money with Transdirect

How much time do you spend on data entry every day?
According to recent research from online ecommerce platform HubSpot, salespeople spend at least one hour of a day on manual data entry and 63% of Aussie workers spend 2 – 10 hours on repetitive admin work per week.
We’re looking at thousands of dollars going down the drain which could be going towards a Lamborghini.
Just kind of makes you want to…

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You get the picture.


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