Selling on eBay offers a range of benefits for ecommerce businesses. It’s an ideal low-cost first step for start-ups, but even established ecommerce brands can benefit from selling on eBay alongside your other online sales channels. Here are six reasons why you should sell on eBay…

1. Ebay has low set-up costs

If you’re new to the ecommerce world and don’t yet have your own website set up, selling on eBay is fast, easy and affordable. The eBay Seller Centre will give you simple instructions to get your eBay Store set up and running for as little as $24.95 per month plus selling fees. That’s a lot cheaper than developing a custom ecommerce website.

2. Ebay has super search power

Getting your eCommerce website to rank highly on Google searches requires time, effort and some investment. Your eBay Store, however, will benefit from the search power of one of the most popular retail platforms in the world. Many shoppers skip Google and go straight to an eBay search to find what they’re looking for. So it’s possible to rank highly in relevant searches with very little effort — particularly if you operate in a specialised niche.

3. Enjoy eCommerce without borders

eBay is an easy way to take your brand to a world-wide market. Of course, there’s a lot of extra sales potential in overseas markets. But it doesn’t end there. You can use eBay to gauge the popularity of your products in particular countries and build an international customer base for very little investment. And testing the international waters on eBay can help to inform your greater overseas expansion strategy outside of the platform.

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4. Start a bidding war

If your products lend themselves to an auction format, eBay could certainly help boost your profits. Things like rare memorabilia, vintage items, one-off creations and limited product lines can all do well in auctions. But be careful here. Auctions tend not to be effective for products that are readily available and could actually trap you in a race to the bottom.

5. Connect with affiliates

eBay’s affiliates program can pay off big for sellers. Affiliates essentially advertise eBay products on their websites, and are paid a small commission for each sale they generate. Think of affiliates like a powerful marketing network that can introduce your product to new markets and tap the trust they’ve built with their own online communities.

6. Build high-level trust

As a strongly recognised world-wide brand, many shoppers will trust eBay with their personal information over independent eCommerce websites. But it’s the rating system that builds the most trust. With easy access to other shoppers’ experiences with your eBay store, it’s very difficult for poor operators to hide on eBay. This is very effective for building high levels of trust that is difficult to replicate on your brand-owned website.

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