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How Online Shopping has Changed in 2020

It’s been a big year for business owners, to say the least.
But a ‘big year’ doesn’t necessarily have to be a ‘bad year’, especially for ecommerce.
Recent changes in online shopping habits are opening up new opportunities for ecommerce stores unlike ever before.
Here’s how online shopping has changed in 2020.

More People are Online

There are roughly 7.77 billion people on this planet, and as of July 2020 4.54 billion of them are active internet users.


5 Ways to Improve the Customer Experience (and Loyalty) with Packaging

When you think about a great customer experience in a brick-and-mortar store, you may find yourself picturing the friendly face at the front counter. Or the pleasant atmosphere as you walk in. Or even the charismatic staff member who answers the phone when you have a question.
But most ecommerce stores have little to no direct contact with their customers, beyond what marketing, email, and their website can provide.
To offer a great customer experience, sometimes you need to think outside the box.


10 ecommerce blogs & news sites to boost your knowledge & revenue

“A business is nothing other than the sum of thousands of tiny decisions, and each one of those decisions is critical to the success of your online business”
– A Better Lemonade Stand.
We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Whether you’re new to the ecommerce industry, looking to start a business, or you’re an experienced entrepreneur looking to improve business performance, lots of little decisions need to be made to achieve online success.
There’s a lot to learn in the way of ecommerce –


How Transdirect has cultivated positive change since going 100% Carbon Neutral

At Transdirect, we’re conscious of the impact our business model has on the environment. In 2019, we made the decision to go 100% Carbon Neutral to minimise our carbon footprint and help fund environmental projects around the world.
We’re coming close to our first trip around the sun as a carbon neutral business – and the results have been heartwarming.
We want to share the good news, so in this article, we’ve highlighted some of the glowing statistics provided to us by the Carbon Reduction Institute,


We’ve upgraded our contact page – find all the information you need in one place

Whether you’re thinking about signing up to Transdirect for simple and uniform shipping for your ecommerce business, or you’re an experienced Transdirect customer looking for helpful information – we’re here for you.
We’ve upgraded our interactive contact page to cover Transdirect customers at all stages of the Transdirect journey, from signing up to managing a long-standing account.
Our contact page was specifically designed to help all Transdirect users to get the information they need quickly –


Future of shipping: 4 ecommerce delivery innovations to keep a close eye on

future of ecommerce

Ecommerce is growing and changing at a startling rate.
From voice search to social media shopping and live chat robots taking on our customer service responsibilities, the ecommerce industry is becoming easier to navigate for business owners and more engaging and personalised for customers shopping online. 
However, what we don’t often hear about are the shipping and delivery innovations happening all around us. What’s next for ecommerce shipping in Australia?
In this blog, we share four up and coming shipping innovations to keep an eye on.


Climate action now: 3 steps to continuing positive climate change post-COVID

climate now protest

COVID-19 has changed the world.
From self-isolation to social distancing, conscious hand washing, limited travel opportunities, and swapping face-to-face meetings for video calls, life as we know it has changed.
Luckily, we were able to adapt to pandemic conditions quickly and efficiently. Together, we can flatten the COVID curve and fingers crossed, we can go back to the days when we could pick up a roll of toilet paper at the shops without a brawl.


4 important things to remember when shipping large items

forklift shipping large items

Whether you’ve been shipping oversized freight for years, or beginning to dip your toes in the water of shipping large items, there are a few things you absolutely need to ensure your team is doing when packing and planning to ship.
We want your packages to arrive safely every time, so read on to see the top 4 most important things to remember when shipping large items from point A to B.

#1. Make sure to measure the carton/pallet/crate

Measuring the carton,


How a multi-carrier aggregated shipping model could increase your bottom line and save time

multi-carrier aggregated shipping in motion

Have you ever wondered if you’re getting the best deal when you just shop at Woolworths?
It’s a one-stop shop for all your daily necessities, but have you ever wondered if you pay the price for that? You may be sacrificing food quality or diversity by shopping at the one store.
The same premise applies to working with a single courier.
Yes they may be able to ship the majority of your orders across the nation,


3 positive environmental changes from the COVID-19 lock-down

environmental change

The coronavirus pandemic has been a tense time for people all over the world.
We’ve been exposed to enforced lock-downs, restrictions, and illness, plus the media has been saturated with negative, panic-inducing news – so we figured it was about time someone shared some good news from COVID-19!
With a large percentage of the human population keeping to themselves indoors, the natural environment has flourished – from cleaner air and water to more freedom for our wildlife in urban areas,


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