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When you’re competing with the big guys, your small business needs every advantage to grow sales and improve customer loyalty.

Offering a variety of the best courier shipping options can give you an edge – but it’s critical to get the mix and positioning right: free shipping, same day delivery, next day delivery … it can quickly get confusing for customers and small business owners alike. 

For now, let’s explore how next day delivery can help you grow your business and sales, with answers to common questions, plus online marketing and sales tips.

5 FAQs about Next Day Delivery 

If you’re unclear about the many benefits of next day delivery, you’re not alone. In addition to the logistics-related questions, let’s look at a few key ways that offering next day shipping options can impact your small business:

FAQ #1. Why offer next day courier delivery?

Offering next day shipping is an excellent way to stay ahead of your competition. Why? 

Because delivering products faster is not only a strong selling point, it also generates more revenue – while giving customers the instant gratification they want! 

We all know consumers have become increasingly conditioned to expect faster shipping. 

In fact, the latest research shows 61% of consumers are willing to spend more for same day or next day delivery.

Furthermore, 25% of customers say they would abandon their cart if next day shipping wasn’t available.

So with big ecommerce players like Amazon Prime competing for shoppers and their dollars, and raising the stakes for instant gratification, offering next day courier delivery helps you get in the game and stay more competitive.

FAQ #2. How can next day shipping help me sell more?

While we all want to get things fast, offering next day deliveries can also solve other big shopping problems — like last-minute gift buying!

Think about it: Whether it’s a gift for a forgotten anniversary, a birthday that snuck up on you, or an occasion that needs a fast shipment (from congratulations to condolences), offering next day delivery across Australia can make all the difference.

Every year, we see this clearly with the last-minute holiday shopping and shipping frenzy. 

But with express shipping options, you can tap into this sales-driving scenario year-round. For more on that, check out our 6 tips to increase sales below.

FAQ #3. How can next day delivery save me money on local shipping?

One great way to save on next day parcel delivery rates within the same city: Booking bulk parcel pick ups.

Rather than trekking down to the local post office, simply book a bulk pickup right at your door using the Transdirect Members area. The bulk shipping option offers even bigger savings off regular rates, bringing the cost of next day shipping down even further, when delivering products within the same metro.

FAQ #4. How can I easily organise next day delivery?

First, sign up for a Transdirect Member account (if you haven’t already). There you’ll be able to access real-time quotes from all the top couriers who deliver the next day in Australia.

Note: It’s important to ensure that next day delivery actually is available in all areas of your customer base. Do you need next day shipping interstate, or a local courier service to get it there the same day?

When you have a clear picture of the areas you can service with next day delivery, you’ll be able to more clearly promote this as a premium option to your customers.

FAQ #5. How fast is express shipping?

Express shipping times can vary depending where the parcel destination is located. 

Overnight delivery to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or other capital cities happens within 24 hours. Regional deliveries may take a little longer.

Each courier will provide a shipping time when you enter the delivery postcode. This lets you double check the delivery time and confirm this with customers so they know what to expect.

TL;DR: Next day delivery is the same as overnight delivery. If you have your package picked up today, it will be delivered tomorrow.

6 Next Day Delivery Tips to Increase Sales & Profits

Let’s shift gears and explore proven tips you can use with next day shipping options to grow your sales, profits and your business:

Pro Tip #1:
As mentioned in FAQ #2, clothing and fashion stores know the power of express shipping, highlighting it in their marketing and ad campaigns, especially in peak seasons like November-December.

Now, consider which seasons or occasions most closely match your business model. Not just Christmas, but Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Back to School, etc.  

Use the weeks ahead of these occasions to determine your best next day shipping offers.

happy ecommerce seller making more sales with express shipping

Pro Tip #2:
Test different marketing offers in those lead-in weeks, from “Get ahead of it!” ads early on, shifting to “Last-minute/last-chance/FOMO” angles in the final week and days. 

Pro Tip #3:
Combine tip #2 with a countdown timer, low-stock indicators (“Only X left!”), or a widget showing “Just Bought” products, if they suit your ecommerce business.

Pro Tip #4:
Pay attention to how you offer next day shipping, especially if you’re already using free shipping as an incentive

Example: If shipping is free above a certain order dollar amount, ensure your most popular products can easily be bundled to get there – and not come up a few dollars short. Testing those qualifying amounts can be a quick win with significant upside. 

Cart add-ons, cross-sells and up-sell bundle widgets in the checkout process (e.g., “People also bought” or “$5 to go for Free Shipping”) can be a big boost here, to sales and profits.

Pro Tip #5: 
Depending on your products and repeat buying cycles, you might also want to test a few subscription plans to see whether a set-it-and-forget-it model works for your business? Start with your best repeat customers, and modify pricing to account for the increased average customer lifetime value.

Pro Tip #6:
Set clear expectations for customers with your express shipping options. Make sure your website clearly labels which products are available for next day delivery, and keep track of your inventory so you can consistently fulfil orders.

It’s important to highlight not only that you offer next day shipping, but any specific terms and conditions around that service. For example, setting an “Order By” cut-off time that means goods can be sent via next day delivery.

The bonus factor of this timed cut-off system is that it can encourage customers to make their purchase decision rather than putting it off until later.

Once the order is received, provide customers with email updates throughout the shipping process so they know what is happening with their order at each step.

Level Up your Next Day Shipping Today

So what are you waiting for? 

Give your customers what they want by offering next day shipping with Transdirect!