Transdirect Reviews & Client Case Studies: MyPaperCups

It only took three years for Sydney-based start-up MyPaperCups to grow into one of the largest suppliers of small order custom paper cups in Australia.

my paper cups

The company has worked with major clients including Telstra, the Nine Network and Mercedes-Benz and currently sends between 50 to 100 boxes of custom paper cups per week for events and marketing campaigns around Australia and New Zealand from their Sydney factory.

However, managing such rapid growth came with some important shipping and fulfilment challenges that were make or break for the business in its early days.

“One of our biggest challenges with shipping and fulfilment is simply ensuring that the cups get to our customers on time,” says business development manager, Russell Johansen. “A lot of our cups are used at events and if they don’t make it to the customers on time they can potentially miss the event they were created for.”

This need for reliable delivery led Russell and his team to Transdirect’s flexible online courier aggregator that allows the company to balance delivery speed with cost depending on their clients’ needs.

“We’ve learnt that we need different couriers for different locations and timeframes that we’re operating on,” says Russell. “ Some couriers are faster transporting cups to different locations while others are more cost effective.”

“We use Transdirect because we get to choose the best courier company dependent on what we need for our particular order based on where we’re shipping to, how quickly it needs to get there and the budget we’re working with.”

“Transdirect offers a wide range of options that we can choose from in order to meet the specific needs we have for the delivery that we need to make. And the simplicity of their website ensures that getting a quote and booking an order is really simple and quick to do.”

In fact, Russell says that since using Transdirect his company has been able to reduce their costs by approximately 25 per cent and hope to see further improvements as they transition to an automated quoting system.

“We currently complete our customer quotes including shipping on a quote-by-quote basis because we know how easy it is for us to source that information straight from the Transdirect website,” he says. “Using Transdirect shipping costs, we are about to move to an automated quoting system to speed up our quoting as well.”

Russell’s advice for other growing companies facing similar fulfilment challenges? It’s all about customer service, he says.

“Look for someone who can provide you with options and has a team of customer service staff who are willing and capable of working with you should there ever be any issues with a delivery.”

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