Laptop Screen Replace Case Study


Laptop Screen Replace – Now providing same-day service across Australia thanks to Transdirect.

Laptop Screen Replace have been replacing laptop screens for over seven years.

After opening a bricks and mortar store and experiencing steady growth – the team made the decision to expand nationally.

The national service expansion process is a challenge – for Laptop Screen Replace it meant analysing their shipping strategy in detail and making significant improvements to their existing shipping services.

The customer needs to pack their broken laptop or desktop monitor and send it to Laptop Screen Replace to repair. The store then returns the repaired screen to the customer.

Laptop Screen Replace ship repaired laptop screens right across Australia – from Perth Metro to Regional Queensland.

With an average of 40-50 packages sent each week, Laptop Screen Replace need a flexible, fast and cost-effective courier service.

Most service providers quoted Laptop Screen Replace unaffordable booking costs, sluggish turnaround times and inferior service for remote areas. Transdirect helped Laptop Screen replace solve these challenges quickly with the booking calculator, which aggregates shipping costs from multiple couriers to make finding the best possible option fast and easy.

Laptop Screen Replace focuses on providing an efficient repair service, with a free door-to-door pickup and return service. Quality and effective delivery is a critical selling point for the business. Transdirect was the only service provider who could meet the cost and efficiency requirements of Laptop Screen Replace.

Cindy, Manager of Laptop Screen Replace points to the simplicity of Transdirect’s returns process as a critical timesaver for the business:

“By having a Transdirect account we can simply return and repair by pressing the “Create Returns” button. This makes such a difference as client details are pre-populated so the time it takes to create a return is one minute instead of five. Multiply by 10 or more bookings a day and the time and labour savings really add up.”

How Transdirect transformed Laptop Screen Replace’s Shipping service:

  • Clear visibility of all courier costs
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Easy return process
  • 20-30% saving on overall shipping costs
  • Improved customer service owing to easy shipping and returns

Transdirect improved Laptop Screen Replace customer service tenfold, giving their team easy quotes to help customers make an instant decision.

Transdirect’s optional express shipping allows Laptop Screen Replace to keep their shipping costs low, and gives their customers the flexibility, speed and customer service they deserve.

Transdirect is dedicated to continuous improvement, with the entire product team focused on upgrading customer services. A recent website revision designed to simplify the booking process now allows for much easier customer returns. Laptop Screen Replace are using these features daily and Cindy has seen significant reductions in the administration time her team needs to process returns:

“We have noticed the simple/modern new look website, simplified booking process and easier “Returns/Rebook” option. It shows Transdirect really listens to their customer feedback and will continue to improve user experience.” – Cindy

And after battling through a significant expansion project, Laptop Screen Replace is still experiencing sustained growth. Cindy has some sage advice for aspiring online retail startups that we should all printout and stick on our wall –

“Start small. Don’t give up. You are only limited to what you think you can achieve. Think about how you can get it done not why it cannot be done. Think outside of the box. The world is your oyster.”

The entire team at Transdirect are passionately dedicated to improving our customer experience, and stories like these from Cindy spur us on to keep raising our standards. We love helping innovative Aussie entrepreneurs like Cindy and the team at Laptop Screen Replace, and we’d love to work with you to make your shipping process faster, quicker and more cost effective.

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