Transdirect Reviews & Client Case Studies: eWelder


Growing from a one man show to a warehouse shipping over 200 packages a month takes patience, determination, and a team dedicated to fantastic customer service. eWelders have grown into a welding material ecommerce superstore and have locked down a significant market share in the online welding industry, which is worth more than $100 million annually.

eWelders founder Kym has worked tirelessly on the business, innovating and improving the shopping experience for their customers. Their team of professionals have the right technical knowledge and passion to communicate with a range of customers, from the influencers in the mining sector to the serious DIY-er.

A passion for providing the customer with what they want, as well as continually expanding the product range for eWelder customers helps them dominate the marketplace.

Customer service and care are the core of eWelder, The team are focused on providing accurate and helpful information to their customers, and communicate consistently throughout the sales process, right up to the moment of delivery.

With the need to work with a customer-focused business, Kym saw Transdirect as the perfect shipping partner,

“We send over 200 deliveries a month with Transdirect and have found it to be a really valuable service with a high rate of success in terms of getting products from Point A to Point B. We’ve found Transdirect to be superior to other freight brokerage style services because it offers insurance on freight, which is important in our field, where we are sending valuable goods.

The value Transdirect offers is very good and the team is responsive and happy to help, which indicates that the business has a similar customer focused ethos to our own.”

Transdirect have helped eWelder integrate an automated freight booking service within their existing web platform, increasing eWelder’s efficiency and providing eWelder customers with a superior shopping experience.

For businesses sending from multiple warehouses, Transdirect is a key element to ensuring consistency and accuracy.

“We send goods from multiple warehouse locations and send a wide range of freight. We also regularly send to very remote locations. Transdirect gives us access to all of the major carriers, which means we are never limited in terms of freight solutions.”

No matter the industry, ecommerce can prove to be a success. Kym attributes eWelder’s success to innovation and improving the online shopping experience,

“We are an innovative company and are constantly challenging the status quo. We happily look at whether modern E-Commerce solutions can offer better ways of doing things.”


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