Transdirect Reviews & Client Case Studies: Salt Lamps Australia

When he faced the challenge of shipping heavy products, Steven Bettles from Salt Lamps Australia turned to Transdirect’s online courier aggregator for a solution that meets the individual needs of his customers.  


Steven Bettles has been selling Himalayan Salt Lamps online for eight years and has built a thriving business that now ships between 30 and 50 consignments per week.   However, the heavy lamps — which are shipped Australia-wide — present a freight challenge with the weighty products originally driving shipping costs sky high.

“Over time we improved by trying new methods of packing and distribution,” says Steven. “But the weight of the product is the biggest burden for our customers.”  Steven trialled several freight providers in an attempt to reduce shipping costs and shopped around to find a courier company that offered the best value for money whilst also maintaining consistent delivery.

However, he soon learned that he’d need to work with a range of freight providers in order to offer the best shipping solutions to cater for the individual needs of his customers. This led him to Transdirect’s online courier aggregator that allows him to instantly gather shipping quotes from a wide range of freight providers to find the best value for money for his customers depending on their specific location and required delivery timeframe.

And the results were impressive. Steven says that since using Transdirect he has been able to reduce costs by around 20 per cent and improve customer service by 10 per cent. But it’s the benefit of a single log-in that impressed him the most about Transdirect.

“Ease of use, pricing, flexibility and versatility are the best things about Transdirect,” he says. “Along with having a single portal for multiple shipping options.”

Steven chooses to offer variable shipping rates in order to best meet the individual needs of his customers, and advises other e-commerce retailers to focus on ensuring their shopping carts are equipped to provide personalised shipping quotes.

“Get a great shopping cart that can deal with high variance in shipping options for Australian conditions,” he says.

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