Transdirect Reviews & Client Case Studies: Jenjo

When online game retailer Jenjo Games grew from a small home business into a warehouse operation, they turned their attention to a shipping strategy that saves time and money.

Jenjo Games

Fancy a giant Jenga set? How about a super-sized game of Connect Four? Or perhaps a game of over-sized dominoes is more your speed.

All that and more is on offer from Jenjo Games – a Victoria-based online retailer that’s making a splash with beautifully crafted garden games sold via their ecommerce website and associated eBay store.

The company is in its second year of operations and has gone from strength to strength as its king-sized games become an increasingly popular feature of garden parties around Australia.

In fact, the company has grown from a small home business into something much larger in this timeframe.

“My business is growing from a home business into a warehouse business,” says Jenjo founder, Joe Martiniello. “I send around 30 packages per week at the moment, but during the Christmas period it increases to about 60 boxes per week.”

Managing that growth doesn’t happen by accident. Rather, Jenjo implemented a shipping strategy to ensure packages were arriving on time and meeting the expectations of their growing customer base.

“You must make a business plan and calculate how much shipping charges you can afford,” says Martiniello. “We offer fixed-rate and free shipping options as everyone wants to save money on shipping.”

Jenjo offers full refunds if a request is made before the product is shipped, and covers the cost of replacing damaged or defective game pieces during the 30-day warranty period.

“We also use Transdirect’s shipping aggregator to calculate the delivery prices and times of all the couriers to supply our clients with discounts,” says Martiniello.

“Transdirect has an excellent website setup, it’s very easy to use and is improving all the time. The terms and conditions skip was a clever inclusion, it’s quick to print off labels and you can integrate it into your website.”

It’s that sharp focus on customer service that’s powering Jenjo’s growth as the company continues its ecommerce journey.

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