Transdirect Reviews & Client Case Studies: F45 Fitness

F45 – delivering results in no time at all with Transdirect

When you’re running a business which requires seamless delivery and same day inter-city delivery, F45 knew Transdirect was the right choice for them.

F45’s high tech, world class workouts deliver a scientifically-designed workout, in just 45 minutes. Their business is the fastest growing in the Australian fitness industry, growing from a single location to over 800 locations in 26 countries around the world. They have over 400 studios in Australia alone.

The business is highly systemised – each new facility is sent the same equipment and technology to ensure consistency across the franchises, and this is where Transdirect shows their true strength.

Transdirect has helped F45 scale their business in no time at all.

F45 CTO Josh Oliver explains the true benefits of using a service like Transdirect,

“We use Transdirect to ensure a sufficient supply chain to our franchise network across Australia. We need reliable shipping methods, so we use Transdirect to ensure the booking of items.

Whether it’s a next day service or same day within the same city, Transdirect enables us to have a range of services and know we’re getting the most competitive rates.”

F45 use Transdirect to efficiently ship their products, whether it’s gym equipment or events gear, across Australia.

Transdirect’s shipping calculator provides a range of suitable shipping options, meaning F45 can entrust any staff member to make the order, and know they’re making the right choice for their logistics needs.

F45 capitalises on an efficient team to help their company grow, and utilise a scalable business model to ensure significant growth with minimal challenges.

Josh explains the unique benefits of running a business like F45,

“The fitness industry has huge market growth opportunities – people are spending more on fitness than ever before. Our business is continually growing as more people see the benefits of short, functional workouts. We’re the fastest growing fitness franchise in the world. We have huge growth potential internationally – our expected growth in the US reaches up to 20 000 potential studios.”

Their business success is based on innovation and developing world-first technology. Their drive to continually seek the newest and best ways to provide a unique workout to their customers has seen the business grow, whilst their business model and process allows new franchise studios to launch across Australia with ease.

Transdirect has helped F45 ship their products to new locations, and update existing locations without issue, all the while providing a competitively priced, high-quality service.

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