Three things every business wants from shipping: the best couriers, the lowest rates, and a fast, hassle-free booking process.

While we take pride in delivering on those areas, we’re always working to improve on them (and more).

Plus, the biggest savings — not just on rates, but on time and efficiency — can be found in our Member’s Area.

It’s kind of like Gold Class. But free. (BYO popcorn.)

Ready to streamline your shipping? Sign into our Members Area and give these tips a go.

Top 5 Time-Saving Tips for Transdirect Members

1. Save Addresses You Use Regularly

Our Address Book feature makes shipping repeat and recurring orders a breeze, including CSV file imports/exports.

Check out the quick how-to video to see how it works.


2. Speed Up Bookings By Saving Inventory Items in the Member’s Area

Got a popular product or inventory item that always uses the same shipping details (type, dimensions, etc.)?

Set it and forget it with one of our most popular Inventory time-savers. You can edit or delete later as needed, of course.

See how to set up your Frequently Shipped Items in just seconds:


3. Save Account Preferences To Skip Declarations

So many preferences, so little time.

Save your Terms & Conditions, Insurance Conditions, Declarations and Payment Methods at the account level, and they’ll automagically be in place across your bookings.

A few clicks here, saves countless clicks later across multiple orders.

See how simple this is to set up:


4. Book Return Labels for Easy Customer Service

Returns are never fun, but they’re a fact of life.

Here’s how to make the returns process faster and easier, with faster labelling options:


5. Save Billing Details for Faster Checkout

Streamlining the payment methods, with defaults and quick edits, adds that “fast-forward” touch to order processing.

Because we all love a smoother checkout, right?

You’ll find those options here:


Supercharge Your Shipping Today in Our Members Area

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Want Even More Time-Savers and Faster Shipping Tips?

Download our complete Transdirect Member’s Starter Guide for all the Tips and Tricks to save you even more time and money on shipping.

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