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If there’s one thing customers love from an online store, it’s free shipping. Our friends over at Googys know this well. 

According to new data on customer loyalty, 61% of customers are motivated to test out a new brand or product if a business offers free shipping. If there’s no free shipping, the same amount of customers are inclined to abandon cart! That’ll scramble your business growth potential!

Yep, there’s serious potential in offering free shipping. It’s what the people want – but it can be expensive and difficult to navigate as an ecommerce business owner. If you’re going to make it work, you need the best shipping rates available to still see profit.

That’s where we come in.

Transdirect has been able to help ecommerce businesses all over Australia achieve the best price on shipping, enabling them to offer fast, free and convenient shipping to their customers.

We talk to our mates over at Googys to see how they’ve dominated the natural protein bar world!

About Googys 

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Googys is a natural protein and health food business based in Australia. Their product is simple but damn delicious – egg white protein bars packed with organic, natural ingredients like dates, almonds, cashews and a coffee bean or two, if you like a good buzz in the morning.

The business was built from the ground-up by its founders, Lea & Paul. Their goal was to create a healthy, delicious source of protein (minus the complicated ingredients you’d find in your everyday protein bar) and put a pep in the step of Aussies everywhere.

Their simple and effective recipe has won-over health and fitness enthusiasts all over Australia. Now, Googys racks up $8,000 – $10,000 per month in online sales and the husband-and-wife team sends up to 60 parcels a week.

That’s a lotta eggs!

What came first, the parcel or the egg? 

Over the years, Googys has become part of the free shipping revolution and when Lea & Paul first approached Transdirect, they needed two things: a low price and high level of reliability. With the number of orders coming through the website and retailers needing deliveries on time every time, Googys needed a service they could trust.

“We have a particular client that has a specific order date and time their delivery needs to be delivered,” Lea said.

“After many missed deliveries, we found if we stick to the same courier company for each delivery, the order normally gets there on time.”

“As Googys grows as a business, we need a service that is easy to navigate and reliable. I feel Transdirect gives you the flexibility that businesses need these days.”

“The ease of making bookings and also tracking them makes a vital tool in the fast paced world of online sales.”

Through Transdirect’s advanced booking system, Lea Paul were able to find a flexible courier for the right price.

“As we are a freight free business, it is important to get the best freight cost, the ease to choose the best price and time to get the parcels to the customers is right there in front of you,” Lea said.

Additional improvements to customer service

Googys has been able to reduce shipping costs on their end and keep customers coming back with fast, free and convenient shipping – but the fun doesn’t end there. With Transdirect, Googys has also improved and automated their customer service so Lea, Paul and the team can focus on the bigger picture.

Once a customer places an order with Googys, Transdirect sends through a confirmation email which allows the customer to check on the status of their order – so there’s no need for the customer to contact the team at Googys.

This works on multiple levels. For one, Googys is able to spend more time on the important stuff and running the business successfully. Secondly, 90% of customers expect businesses to have self-service systems nowadays, whether it’s live chat or live tracking.

“It’s important to think about your customers experience as they navigate placing an order and paying with as little hassle as possible,” Lea said.

Lea’s advice for newbies in ecommerce?

“Be organised and have some basic systems in place!”

Learn how Transdirect can help your business thrive

By teaming up with Transdirect, Googys has improved their customer service tenfold – with free shipping and self-serve parcel tracking. Modern customers have modern requirements, so we’ve made it easier for businesses to meet customer demand and provide the best shopping experience possible.

Want to learn the ropes with Transdirect?

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