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We’ve found it.

The holy grail of nationwide delivery with free tracking and heavy discounts.

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Transdirect has teamed up with Couriers Please and Fastway to create new domestic, nationwide parcel delivery services, complete with:

  • Reliable tracking
  • Conditional warranty up to $1,000 for Couriers Please and up to $1,500 for Fastway (included in the price)
  • Full access to POPPoint Locations throughout Australia through Couriers Please
  • Discounts for parcel pickups of more than 5, 10 or 21 items.

Ecommerce business owners rejoice, for we have found our one true saviour! These services are perfect for businesses who need multiple parcel pick-ups per day from the same address.

Through Couriers Please and Fastway, we offer the cheapest, most attractive price straight off the bat. Rather than offering one singular, once-off price, we offer three different prices in one quote – so there’s no chasing your tail looking on the best price for a singular parcel pickup or multi-parcel pickup.

Essentially, you can now move tonnes of stock while saving money at the same time.


Want to know more? Read on.

Couriers Please

Where can I send with Couriers Please?

With Couriers Please, you can send parcels and cartons anywhere in Australia from Sydney to Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne. Wherever your customers are – Couriers Please is too.

If your customer isn’t home at the time of delivery, Couriers Please will redirect the parcel to a convenient POPPoint Location. Customers can also choose to send their order to their home or business address, or alternatively have their order sent straight to a POPPoint to avoid having to sign for their parcel.

What kind of savings can I get with Couriers Please? 

At Transdirect, we’re committed to providing the best prices possible for ecommerce business owners. When you ship with Couriers Please, there are three price points available – and the price just keeps on dropping with the number of parcels you have to pick up.

For example, we organised a quote for a local parcel pickup in Melbourne. As you can see, we offer an “everyday” price for single parcel pickups, but we offer higher discounts for pickups of 10 or more.


Where can I send with Fastway? 

Similar to Couriers Please, Fastway offers fast, convenient shipping throughout Australia including parcels and cartons.

Fastway is a trusted choice for independent sellers, small businesses and retail giants like Officeworks and Naked Wines – so you can bet you’re going to receive reliable, speedy and affordable delivery.

What kind of savings can I get with Fastway? 

If you’ve got five or more parcels needing a pickup, Fastway might just be the courier for you. Just like Couriers Please, Fastway offers multiple pricing points – an “everyday” price for single parcel pickups and sweet little discounts for five or more parcels.

For example, we booked a parcel pickup in Melbourne to a local customer. For five or more parcels, it’s just $6.60 to send locally, with an average transit time of one business day.

Booking a multi-pickup from the Transdirect Members Area

To take advantage of this brand new deal, log into the Transdirect Members Area and head to the “Bookings” tab. Haven’t booked a courier pickup with Transdirect before? Make sure to download our free ebook, How To Use Transdirect, and follow the instructional videos.

#1. Start a booking using our “QuickBook” function.

#2. Follow the prompts and enter the relevant information to make your booking. For example, select the pickup address saved in your address book and select the appropriate multi-pickup quote when presented with our list of options.

#3. Once the appropriate number of bookings have been made, head to the ‘Bookings’ tab in the Member’s Area.

#4. Select the ‘Multi Pickup’ tab.


#5. Select the carrier for the multi-pickup from the dropdown box.

#6. Click ‘Book Multi Pickup’ to confirm the pickup date and time.


Save on multi-parcel pickups with the flexible couriers from Transdirect

Forget burning both time and money by booking multiple parcel pickups per day. By condensing your parcel pickups and booking 5+, 10+ or 21+ in one transaction, you can save yourself the hassle of chasing up multiple couriers and save a few extra bucks in the process.

Check out our brand new multi-tiered pricing points for Couriers Please and Fastway. You’ll discover the benefits of booking in bulk – including lower prices and less mucking around.

Take advantage of the brand new pricing from Couriers Please & Fastway. Become a Transdirect Member & take advantage of our incredible prices!

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