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Who is Parca

Parca (pronounced Par-Sah) is an agile, collaborative, innovative, and solution-based logistics provider underpinned by great technology and dedicated business partners.

We feel strongly about creating a sustainable network where our customers gain value out of what we do, and making sure our drivers are remunerated fairly and operate in a safe working environment. With combined business and logistics experience spanning four decades – working with large corporations, medium businesses, and a dash of start-ups – we understand what you and your customers need, and we strive to deliver exactly that.

We aspire to be one of the most sustainably efficient delivery services in Australia where everything we do centres around our customers. Our values drive our success. We want to create an environment where our people can flourish and do their best work every day for our customers. Our values – Care, Collaborate, and Community – underpin everything we do.

Thanks to our partner’s national network, Parca offers linehaul, regional, remote, and metropolitan delivery services. We are well-connected to key locations of Australia and can deliver within a range of flexible timeframes. We are well-connected to key locations of Australia and can deliver within a range of flexible timeframes. By operating a range of strategically located facilities, we can find the most efficient route for your parcels and keep you updated on their progress more frequently.

Our technology tracks your parcel from pick-up, through to linehaul and final delivery. We work hard to provide live and reliable information about your deliveries.

Our delivery fleet is equipped with a simple and easy to use Driver App. The app helps with improving route efficiency and maximises delivery density which goes a long way to ensuring sustainable earnings for our fleet.

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It’s important to us to use providers that our clients are familiar with rather than handing your precious cargo over to companies you might not have heard of. We’re always looking for ways to make our customers feel as comfortable and confident as possible. We understand that means choosing our service partners with the utmost care.

Get a quick online quote from us today for Parca courier services, using the booking engine above. This will calculate the cost of your delivery based on item description and location. From there, you can book and track your parcels or freight right here on our website.

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