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Transdirect offers the state of the art pallet delivery service that Australians need when pallet transport is required.  Pallets ensure safety for loads weighing over 70 kilograms, giving strength and stability when shipping.

Transdirect specialises in interstate pallet shipping. We are the experts in palletised road transport from regional areas and across all of our capital cities. Our experienced team of professionals with many years of experience and our excellent freight booking system ensures when our customers need a pallet courier that we are the best.

You may require one pallet or many to suit your transport requirements. Larger freight needs to be placed on pallets for protection of your precious cargo and makes handling much easier when loading and off-loading your goods.

Our pallets also reduce the costs of manual handling, making for a very efficient and safe pallet delivery process. We are the freight company that uses the best quality, most efficient cheap pallet delivery service to reduce overheads and overall freight costs.

Transdirect knows how to avoid additional fees by packing your goods correctly in the first place, thus avoiding the extra costs of incorrect packing at the outset. When you are looking for cheap pallet delivery you have come to the right place by choosing Transdirect for an affordable service.

From your pallet delivery quote Transdirect guarantees a smooth and easy process from the beginning to the very end. Transdirect ensures your goods are delivered safely, securely and on time. Using our pallet freight services is the correct process and gives you peace of mind when larger freight is required to be shipped interstate and to all corners of Australia.

Pallet freight makes sure your load is firmly secured, giving far more strength and stability. Transdirect ensures vehicles are packed with maximum usage of space by offering this superior pallet packing system. Customers are charged by calculating weight and volume. The freight pallet system makes stacking very efficient, thus avoiding the extra costs and surcharges incurred with random non-stackable sized loads that don’t use a shipping pallet system like Transdirect.

Pallets enable Transdirect to stack goods in rigid columns, increasing stability and strength. Pallets are packed fitting goods squarely to avoid overhang and shipment damage. Pallets allow stacking of freight as economically as possible. When loading a pallet we keep the shipment square with the top of the shipment flat for obvious space saving reasons.

This pallet system makes strapping and stretch wrapping a perfect choice to protect freight. Pallets should be wrapped in their entirety to secure the load and protect against the elements.

Transdirect continues to invest in its transport hubs and shipping technology to reduce delivery times with accurate, safe, efficient and affordable services for our valued customers.

Transdirect’s pallet delivery services, experienced team and many years of transport excellence ensure we offer the best service Australians need and require when shipping their precious cargo to all corners of our great nation.

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