Hungry for international e-commerce success? Find out how three of Australia’s biggest online retailers do it.

When putting together your international shipping policy, it helps to see what works for other successful e-commerce brands that have successfully built a global presence off the back of efficient international shipping procedures.

Here’s how three big Australian online retailers set out their international shipping policies:


Leading Australian fashion retailer Bonds is known around the world and ships to a wide range of countries. The company’s international shipping policy is clearly set out on its website with delivery timeframes (usually five to 10 days) and flat-rate shipping fees set out by country in table format. Orders over $100 receive free shipping to some countries.

Bonds charges all orders in Australian dollars and passes on all customs, import duties and associated fees to their customers, which are charged when the parcel reaches the destination country. An admin handling fee may also be payable by the customer to their logistics provider if customs entry is required.


Australian linen brand Canningvale delivers to New Zealand, Singapore and the US. Their international delivery policy is set out on their website and divided into country-specific categories.

Orders are dispatched within five days on a 15-day delivery timeframe. In New Zealand, orders less than $130 incur an additional $20 fee for domestic delivery. Shipments to the US incur a $40 delivery fee and exclude Alaska, Hawaii and Canada. All local customs fees, duties and taxes are passed onto the customer and listed at checkout.


Outdoor wear brand Kathmandu ships to most countries from Australia. Delivery charges and estimated delivery timeframes are clearly set out by country in table format as part of their international shipping policy.

The company offers flat international shipping rates between $29 and $49 depending on the destination country, with delivery timeframes predominantly between three to 10 days. All international orders are charged in Australian dollars and customers are responsible for paying any processing or administration fees charged by credit card providers or banks for currency exchange. Country-specific customs fees and taxes are also payable by customers when the parcel arrives in the target destination.

So what can we learn?

Both Bonds and Kathmandu choose to clearly set out delivery costs and estimated delivery timeframes by country in easy-to-read table format.

Bonds offers free international shipping to some countries for orders over $100, and Canningvale and Kathmandu both provide fixed-rate international shipping.

All three brands charge orders in Australian dollars and pass on all associated customs fees, duties and taxes to their customers, which are payable when the parcel arrives in the destination country.

All three brands also have an e-commerce product returns policy that works.

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