Range of tools

Use these six free online tools to make managing your international shipping easier than ever.

Thanks to a suite of free online tools and resources, managing your international shipping is easier than ever. Use these online calculators to make sure you’re set up for success:

Duty calculator

Each country you ship products to applies different duties and taxes that you may be required to pay. Use this duty calculator to assess country-specific duties that you’ll need to build into your international shipping costs.

Postal restrictions

All countries have their own list of postal restrictions and prohibitions that may prevent you from shipping your products to their residents. Use this international post guide to ensure your items are not on the banned list of your target countries. We’ve dedicated an entire article to common import restrictions for international shipping to help you avoid any surprises.

Delivery timeframes

Delivery timeframes vary between overseas destinations. Give your international customers accurate, country-specific delivery timelines with this postage calculator.

Delivery costs

Ensure your international customers get the best delivery deal with an online shipping aggregator that compares quotes from freight providers in real time.


You’ll need to complete the appropriate country-specific customs forms to ensure your product makes it your international customers. Find all the forms you need here.

Currency convertor

As currency exchange rates fluctuate daily, it’s important to keep a close eye on shifting international currency values against the Australian dollar to avoid pricing black holes. Use a currency convertor to quickly check exchange rates.

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