businessman flies ahead after saving preferences

In 2019, having fast shipping isn’t enough…

You need to have the fastest shipping.

According to conversion optimisation experts, Invesp, 49% of shoppers are more inclined to shop online if a store offers same-day delivery, plus 56% of shoppers aged 18-34 expect same-day delivery or overnight shipping at the very least.

With 65% of business owners committing to same-day shipping within the next two years (and 51% practising it as we speak), there’s no time to waste – least of all on repeat data entries and tedious administration work. Your shipping practices need to be fast and efficient to keep up with the rising desire for same-day or overnight shipping.

Your customers aren’t going to wait for you and neither is your industry.

At Transdirect, we’ve streamlined the courier booking process in a number of ways. For one, our members can save frequently used addresses and inventory items, eliminating the need to enter unnecessary data. Plus, you can save your payment preferences so credit card numbers and PayPal logins are no longer a thing.

Now, we’ve gone one step further. You can now jump ahead in the booking form by adding your account preferences, like dangerous goods declarations, label printing sizes and more. Learn how to navigate this feature in the Transdirect Member’s area with our video tutorial below!

How to save your account preferences in the Members Area

  1. Click “Settings” and then navigate to “Booking Options”. You can set your preferences including the terms and conditions and the transit insurance conditions. These will appear in Quick Book.
    Step 1 of saving preferences
  2. You can declare that your [orders] don’t contain dangerous goods.step 2 of saving preferences
  3. You can skip the payment method page and you can also choose the label printing format. step 3 of saving preferences

Want to speed up the process even more?

We’re the masters of streamlined booking and saving time for our customers. In fact, we’ve created an entire video series explaining how to best use the Transdirect Members Area and reduce the amount of time you spent on repeat data entry.

For more tips on how to save time while making a booking, check out our blog and video series on the Transdirect Members Area:

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