When a customer asks about the location of their parcel, it’s no time to freeze up.

A reliable business owner should know where their customer’s parcel is at all times or at least be able to check. Customers need to feel comfortable knowing where their order is, whether it’s heading to their address or back to the seller.

The customer/retailer relationship is all about trust. Consignment and parcel tracking is one of the most crucial parts of the ecommerce fling.

At Transdirect, we want you to feel confident responding to customer enquiries and tracking the location of your consignments. We’ve developed a simple method of tracking parcels and deliveries through the Transdirect Member’s Area, which is as simple as selecting ‘track’.

Check out the video below and discover how easy it is to track your parcels, or scroll down for images and a transcript!

  1. Tracking a consignment with Transdirect is easy. All you have to do is head over to the “In Transit With Courier” tab here and we’ll just be redirected to the “Bookings” page.
    tracking consignments
  2. So, here we can see all of our orders that are currently in transit. All you have to do to track is just head over to the menu under “Actions” and click the downward button. Just click “Track”.
    members area

  3. It will just load the data and we can see all of the information here – all of the parcel information and down the bottom here, we can see that the parcel is currently in transit from Sydney to Adelaide.

  4. Now, if you’ve had a notification saying that the parcel has been delivered, all you have to do is head over to the “History” tab. If you want to see where it’s been delivered to (if on the off-chance it has been delivered to another location), all you have to do is click the Booking ID link here.
  5. Okay, so you can see all of the information there, and the address it has been delivered to.

Need some guidance while using our Member’s Area? Contact the team at Transdirect for more information about tracking consignments.