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Let’s face it: being an ecommerce business owner involves a lot of tedious administration time.

In 2014, Canon commissioned a research project to better understand how people work and the challenges business owners face day-to-day. They interviewed 1,047 workers from small, medium and large organisations across Australia, and found that 63% of people spend 2 – 10 hours of repetitive admin work per week.

This racks up to around $3,203 to $16,415 a year in wasted time!

From communicating with couriers to entering data, entering data, and entering MORE data… it seems a lot of time flows down the drain, leaving you with less time to focus on the more important things like customer service and overall business growth.

At Transdirect, we want to see your ecommerce business succeed, and that means eliminating unnecessary, repetitive administration time.

In the Transdirect Member’s Area, we’ve created the “Quick Book” function which allows you to save frequent addresses, parcel sizes, payment details, and account preferences, so you can book a parcel pick up in a matter of seconds!

Learn how to use our Quick Book function by watching the video tutorial below, or scroll through for in-depth instructions and images!

  1. In this video, we’re going to teach you how to save extra time when making a booking with Transdirect using the Quick Book function. You can save extra data [for the Quick Book function] by going to the “Address Book” and the “Saved Items” tab in “Settings”.


2. Now, we can add an address and it will be saved in the Quick Book function so you can save extra time entering data. You can select “Pickup Address”, “Delivery Address” or “Both” and we’re just going to go “Delivery Address” for this one.


3. We’re also going to select “Residential” [as the delivery type].


4. Now, you can select country – we’re going to go with Australia – and we just need to enter a contact name. The company is not necessary because it’s not a commercial address [in this example], and we just need an email address, so we’ll go john@test.com.au. We’ll just enter a number… and a street number, so we’ll go 12 Test Street… and we just need to enter a suburb, so we’ll go Mona Vale.


5. Just for admin use only, we need a reference. So, we’ll just go “DOE”. Click “Save Address”


6. Before we head over to the Quick Book function, we’ll just take a look at our “Saved Items”. We’ve saved this [item] from earlier. We have a package here for 500g. We’ll just edit this to show you what is needed.


7. So, we’ve got the [item] reference here, description and we’ve got all the necessary data including the quantity, length, width, height and weight of the package. We’ll just click “update inventory”.


8. This is all going to come in handy in the Quick Book function – we’re going to save lots of extra time. Okay, so to make a booking, we’ll just head over to “Quick Book” and as you can see, we’ve already got our “Sender” details here and we’ve got our pickup details here – so they’ll know where to come to pick up the package.


9. Now for delivery details, we’re just going to pop in “DOE” and then you can see we’ve got our John Doe there, so we can select that and all of his [delivery] data is going to be previously preloaded. Click “Continue”.


10. Now, here we’ve got our packages and we’ve got the “Package Type”. We can actually select the inventory item that we had from before – so we can just click “Package” and we’ve got the 500g, we’ve got the length, width, height and you can also select the quantity, so if you need two, that’s fine. We’ll just click “Continue”.


11. Excellent, so now we’re just going to select a courier. We’ll just wait for this one to load… For this one, we’re just going to select TNT Overnight Express and it’s as easy as just clicking “Book”.


12. Now, we just need to leave a quick description, so [for this example] we’re going to say “Clothing”. Now you can select the collection date and time and also the collection time.


13. You can leave special instructions if need be and we’ve already pre-selected the dangerous goods declaration in the “Settings”. Now just click “Book”!


14. Excellent, so the order has now been placed successfully, and you can print out the labels in the “Bookings” area. You can also get it sent to your email.


Need some assistance navigating the Member’s Area? Get in touch with the team from Transdirect!