We all love a good discount.

It’s science – literally.

In 2012, professor of neuroeconomics, Dr Paul J. Zak, set out to learn how discounts impact people’s happiness, health and stress levels. As it turns out, test subjects who received a $10 voucher experienced a 38% rise in oxytocin and were 11% happier than test subjects who didn’t.

Heart rates dropped 5% and sweat levels were 20 times lower than the discount-less test subjects. Discounts literally make people happier.

At Transdirect, we love rewarding our customers. We know the elusive dream of that superyacht is still alive and we want to help you reach your goal.

We also know how stressful owning a business can be and how the costs can stack up in modern business – that’s why we offer our members a further 10% discount off their already reduced rates to relieve stress and make you happier.

Thanks, science!

For Transdirect members, receiving from 10% off the cost of freight is standard – but there are more opportunities to make that number grow through our referral program. When you refer a friend to Transdirect, they’ll get 20% off their first booking and as an added bonus, you get an extra 10% off your next order (so long as your friend makes a booking).

Yep, an extra 10% per friend referred.


Want to learn more about the referral program and how to use it? Read on.

How to refer a friend to Transdirect (and get a cheeky discount)

There are a few different methods of referring a friend to the shipping and ecommerce services at Transdirect. To refer a friend while in the members’ area, all you have to do is navigate to the “Settings” section and find the “Referrals” tab.


Just click “Refer a Friend Now” and add in your friend’s name and email address. It’s as simple as that! Your friend will get an email from Transdirect with a discount:


Once your friend has redeemed their referral, you’ll receive a further 10% off your already discounted member rates on bookings with Transdirect – then it’s smooth sailing from there. You’ll have a sweet discount and your bottom line will look that little bit healthier.

Before your friend has redeemed their referral discount, the “Referrals” area will look something like this:


Once your friend has redeemed the offer, the “Referrals” area will look like this:


You can keep up with referrals easily in the Transdirect’s members’ area. Plus, to make the referral program even easier to use, the discounts are applied automatically for both you and your friend. Your friend will receive 20% off their first order – when making a booking, a discount notification will appear in the “Select A Quote” area.


Likewise, a 10% discount notification will appear in the booking area for you – no extra data entry involved!


For video instructions on how to navigate the members’ area for a referral discount, check out the clip below.

The more the merrier – use our referral program to increase your discount

It’s never been easier to get a discount on shipping.

Our aim is to make shipping as simple, affordable, and accessible as possible for our customers. Through our referral program, you have the chance to increase your discount, making courier services far cheaper than ever before.

Share the love and invite your friends to join Transdirect. There’s something in it for everyone!

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