eBay Integration for Shipping | Connect to Transdirect

1. Login to your Transdirect Account. Once logged in please select ‘Orders’ from the menu.
2. On the ‘Orders’ page click the (+) button to add a new Ebay integration.
3. You will now be redirected to the ‘Store Integrations’ page. Please select 'Ebay' from the dropdown menu and you will be redirected to an Ebay Webpage.
4. Please login to your Ebay Account.
5. Click the ‘Agree’ Button on the ‘Grant Application Access’ screen.
6. Once you complete the integration you will be redirected back to the ‘Transdirect Orders’ page. Please click on the 'Ebay' button on the orders page to retrieve all orders from Ebay.
7. Now select any order you want to book. Once a booking is completed and confirmed by a courier a tracking link will added to the Ebay item.
8. Tracking
From Ebay:
Transdirect will add a tracking link to a given order in Ebay once the order is booked and confirmed by a courier. Please click the link in Ebay to track your booking.
From Transdirect:
You can also track your shipment from the Transdirect's member area.
Please select the ‘Bookings’ menu option to go to the bookings page.
Once in the ‘Bookings’ page, please select any booking to load a pop-up screen where you can choose to ‘Track’.
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