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Automate shipping from your WordPress website with the Transdirect WooCommerce plugin’s full quoting and import bookings feature.

Automated shipping straight from your WordPress website

woocommerce transdirect shipping plugin

No more manual entry. Just fast, automated shipping straight from your WordPress website.

Gone are the days when you’d have to manually enter shipping information into your courier’s website after receiving a product order through your WordPress site.

Transdirect now offers ecommerce businesses the opportunity to automate your shipping process and provide a seamless customer experience with the fully integrated WooCommerce plugin that does all the work for you.

How it works

It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Your customer purchases an item on your WordPress site. They enter their postcode and a delivery quote instantly appears.
  2. Your customer continues through checkout, confirms their payment and enters their delivery details.
  3. Our system makes an automatic delivery booking and emails you a consignment note. You print the note, secure it to the package, and our driver arrives on the next available run.

Job done!

7 reasons you need our WooCommerce plugin

Using the WooCommerce plugin to automate your shipping process through Transdirect will
transform the way you do business. Let us count the ways:

  1. Eliminate time-consuming manual data entry to focus on what you do best.
  2. Keep your customers happy with instant shipping quotes at industry-best prices.
  3. Manage your account with a simple dashboard interface that tracks stock availability.
  4. Match the WooCommerce plugin to the look and feel of your website for a smooth customer experience.
  5. Improve delivery times with fast print-and-stick shipping as soon as your customer confirms their purchase.
  6. Connect to a full range of ecommerce services including Airfreight and Express deliveries.
  7. Get professional support from the expert team at Transdirect.


Is there a default package size option?
Yes. If you send the same package size on a regular basis, simply set it as your default option. Custom package sizes can be added as needed.

Does order data sync to my Transdirect account?
It sure does. Enable data sync and the plugin will automatically upload order data to your Transdirect members area when your customer completes the checkout on your website.

Do I have to display all quote options to my customers?
No. You can choose to display all quotes, or restrict displayed quotes to the fastest and/or cheapest single option.

Can I add extra charges?
Of course. You can apply custom insurance surcharges and general surcharges to cover your handling and administration costs.

Can I control how courier companies are displayed to my customers?
Yes. You can rename courier companies to display simply as ‘road courier’ or ‘air express’, for example. You can also exclude selected courier companies from quoting.

How much does the Transdirect WooCommerce plugin cost?
It’s free!

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