Here are three solutions to make your ecommerce store simpler for shoppers to use and enhance their user experience.

Ecommerce solution #1: Use integrated plugins to create a seamless process

At Transdirect, we offer helpful ecommerce shipping plugins for Shopify, eBay, Woocommerce and Magento.

What’s so special about our innovative shipping plugin? The main reason our clients love it is because their customers can calculate shipping costs before making a purchase. How? During checkout, your customer simply enters their postcode and specify whether their building is residential or commercial to get an instant delivery quote.

When your customer has finalised their order, Transdirect sends you an automatic delivery email and consignment note. Once you receive the consignment email, simply print and secure it to the package and your selected Transdirect Courier will collect the package at your selected time (time may vary depending on your courier quote).

Interested in using one of our plugins? Our development centre provides an open and robust API which caters for quoting, booking and tracking as well as a series of modules for major shopping cart solutions.

Ecommerce solution #2: Emphasise your shipping policy to clarify customer expectations

Helpful information about your shipping policy (and possibly cheap returns) on all of your landing pages will reduce uncertainty for new and returning shoppers. More certainty means less abandoned carts, fewer customer enquiries and more repeat business.

More often than not, including shipping information can either help you gain a new customer, or stop you losing them. Keeping shipping costs low (or free) always helps, too.

Here are our ‘Three Shipping Software Timesavers To Help You Kickstart Your Ecommerce Business’:

  1. Use Transdirect for a simple, fast and customer-first shipping process.
  2. Install a Shopify, WooCommerce or Magento Integration Plugin (refer to the integrated plugins section above for more information).
  3. Use the PayPal Integration plugin.

If you’re using PayPal to keep track of customer payments and fulfilment then you can also use Transdirect’s PayPal Integration plugin to help streamline the customer experience.

Ecommerce solution #3: Cybersecurity

You’re a business owner who wants to grow a loyal customer base. How can you achieve this? Remember one important thing before you start singing your lungs out about the advantages of purchasing with your company. If you forget this important factor then you’re likely to lose any potential customers before you even attain them – ecommerce cybersecurity.

Buyers want to know their details, payments and account history is safe and secure. If you can’t achieve a secure online store then your potential customers are likely to leave you for one of your competitors.

How can you achieve a secure online store? Here are our four tips:

#1. Pick a quality web hosting service

  1. Choose a dedicated hosting service over a shared hosting service.
  2. Ask how often the hosting service monitors servers for malware and viruses – if they can’t give you a definite answer, choose a different hosting service.
  3. Always update your ecommerce platform to the new versions. New versions tend to have the latest security updates to protect your site from hackers.

#2. Train your staff

Protect your business from social engineering attacks by educating yourself and staff. You can save your business a lot of money by understanding how to detect and prevent cyber attacks.

#3. Use a secure connection for online checkout

Protecting customers’ private information is crucial to your ecommerce security strategy. Avoid storing confidential data, like credit card details and phone numbers, at all costs. Storing this data can cause detrimental damage to your brand’s reputation and a potential PR disaster.

#4. Layer your ecommerce security

There are a few things you can look out for:

  • Read your website security policy.
  • Understand the tools you use and their security limitations. This includes hardware and website plugins.
  • Use tools like Passpack for password protection – and never use the same password twice.
  • Giving customers a sense of quality and security when shopping at your ecommerce store is important to help one-off customers turn into loyal, repeat shoppers. If you’re an ecommerce owner looking to provide your shoppers with fast, quality shipping then contact Transdirect.

Transdirect offers safe, reliable and effective ecommerce solutions for businesses. Get in touch today for a shipping quote.