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For ecommerce retailers, your online reputation is everything. And as consumers increasingly turn to your online reviews to gauge the quality of your business, ecommerce entrepreneurs must pull out all stops to avoid negative customer feedback.

According to a BrightLocal survey, 88 per cent of consumers have read online reviews to determine the quality of your business. And 85 per cent said they read up to 10 reviews.

That means your customers are paying close attention to what other customers are saying, and too many poor reviews will end up sending them straight to your competitors.

That’s why parcel tracking is so important. Keeping your customers informed throughout the delivery process and acting quickly when things go amiss is vital to avoid negative online reviews.

And don’t assume that Australians are too easy going to complain. A global study found that 46 per cent of Australians are more likely to go online to complain than praise. The figure is 39 per cent in the US.

The complaints rate gets higher among young Australians – 58 per cent of 25-34 year old’s say they will share their dissatisfaction online compared to 34 per cent of people over 45.


What is parcel tracking?

Most shipping companies offer an option for parcel tracking. This means they’ll supply a unique tracking number that identifies the package you’re sending. Entering this number into the shipping company’s online tracking tool allows you to follow its progress through the delivery process and quickly identify any delays or lost items.

Here are five ways to use parcel tracking to ensure you have happy customers and increase repeat sales:

1. Manage customer expectations

Tracking your parcels allows you to build up an accurate picture of how long your deliveries take in real time. This will allow you to provide your customers with more realistic delivery time frames that you know you can achieve, and help you manage their expectations from the outset.

2. Provide customer peace of mind

Your customers can also use the tracking number to trace their parcels. When customers can see that their package is on its way, they are more likely to rest easy. It’s also an opportunity for customers to get an insight into the stages of the delivery process and why it may take a little more time.

3. Communicate to build trust

Software advances in parcel tracking now offer much more detailed tracking information that can be easily communicated to your customers. Sending an email when the parcel is dispatched, followed by SMS notifications when it passes through the sorting station and arrives in their nearest capital city will help build trust with your customers and lead to repeat business.

4. Act fast when things go wrong

Sometimes parcels get lost. It’s an unavoidable problem for ecommerce retailers, however, it is your response to lost packages that makes all the difference. With a tracking number in hand, your shipping company will be much more likely to take responsibility for the lost delivery, and you’ll be able to dispatch a new product to your customer before their frustration level rises.

5. Seek feedback

Reviewing your parcel tracking data will also reveal when things go right. Sending an email to confirm delivery with a link to your online review page is a great way to encourage happy customers to share their praise about your fast delivery times and excellent communication.

Tracking your parcels is not only a great way to keep your shipping company accountable, but can also help you build positive customer reviews, avoid negative online chatter and encourage repeat business. Another simple and easy way to help you improve customer experience is by improving your ecommerce packaging.

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