pimp your packaging

For online retailers, your packaging is often the major tangible touch point for your brand.

So getting your packaging right is not only important for keeping your shipping costs down, but is also an opportunity for you to add to the overall customer experience.

Here are 10 ecommerce packaging ideas that surprise and delight:

1. Printing on the inside of the box adds a sense of occasion to the product reveal and gives you an additional space to direct people to your website or social media accounts.


2. Including a prominent ‘thank you’ note in your packaging helps to create a personal connection with your customers, and including a signature from the designer or maker gives the product an added bespoke touch.


3. Adding a simple ribbon and logo sticker to your parcel can boost its luxury appeal before the customer even opens the box. It also gives you another opportunity to keep your brand front and centre to build brand recognition.


4. Custom box designs can add some old-school style to your product and save your customers from wielding their box cutter against ugly brown masking tape.


5. Incorporating the delivery label into the exterior box design lifts the appearance of your package and keeps the focus on your branding.


6. Using a flip-lid box is a simple yet effective way to reveal your product and add to your customers’ sense of discovery as they first encounter your product.


7. Add a touch of flair to your packaging with a stencil cutout that reveals part of your product and gives you an opportunity to create more impact with your brand message.


8. How you pack your product inside the box can be just as impactful as the package itself. Choose a box shape that lets you best showcase your product.


9. Adding a splash of colour to your packaging will help you stand out from the crowd and create something a little more special for your customers.


10. Going green with your packaging can provide a great feel-good moment for your customers and gives you a positive point of difference from your competitors.


From the simple addition of a ‘thank you’ note to elaborate box designs that put your brand front and centre, a well-packaged product adds to the customer experience as they interact with your product for the first time. Effective parcel tracking is another great way to improve customer experience.


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