forklift shipping large items

Whether you’ve been shipping oversized freight for years, or beginning to dip your toes in the water of shipping large items, there are a few things you absolutely need to ensure your team is doing when packing and planning to ship.

We want your packages to arrive safely every time, so read on to see the top 4 most important things to remember when shipping large items from point A to B.

#1. Make sure to measure the carton/pallet/crate

Measuring the carton, pallet, or crate incorrectly is a common mistake when it comes to shipping large items.

It happens – we’re all human.

There’s a common phrase that comes to mind in these situations – measure twice, cut once.

It’s important to be as detailed and accurate as possible with your measurements so the courier knows what to expect for pick-up and delivery. For example, if your shipment requires a forklift to safely onboard the package, but your measurements suggest it could have been lifted by one person, your team is going to run into a few problems.

Incorrect measurements can incur additional costs or, alternatively, the pick-up and delivery could be delayed so the couriers can get the right equipment and transport the consignment safely and more effectively.

We’re here to make the measurement process easier. In the graphic below, we’ve outlined the dimensions that need to be accurately measured and entered into the Transdirect booking platform, so we can pass the right information onto your chosen courier.

NOTE: we cannot ship items more than four metres in length.

pallet measurements

#2. Ensure the item is well packaged and secure

Large items are often expensive and sometimes fragile. Customers have paid for their item and expect it to be delivered safe and sound – so it’s important to ensure the item is well packaged, sealed, and securely fastened for transit.

To ship with Transdirect, we require large items to meet the following guidelines:

  • Items that require careful handling must have “FRAGILE” written on the box.
  • Cartons are sealed using robust tape so it doesn’t open in transit.
  • Suitcases and travel cases must also be securely fastened.
  • Items being shipped on a pallet must be properly secured. See the examples below:

packing engines and machinery

packing metals

tyres, spools and wheels

white goods

These guidelines are designed to keep customer’s items safe during transit and minimise hassles for the courier (for example, having a carton fall apart and scrambling to tape it back together can be stressful and unsafe).

NOTE: we cannot ship unpackaged items.

#3. Use cushioning materials to protect goods during transit

So, the outside of the box or carton is safe and secure – but what about the inside?

To keep customer’s items safe and stop them from bouncing around in transit, we recommend adding cushioning materials to the box or carton (bonus points if they’re sustainable).

You might consider packing peanuts, balled up paper, cardboard, bubble wrap, or air pouches to minimise space inside the box or carton and prevent damage occurring during transit.

#4. Split packages over 25kg into two packages if possible

Our couriers are superheroes, but they aren’t world-champion powerlifters – so if your box or carton is more than 25 kilograms, we ask that you split the parcel into two packages to make it easier for our couriers to lift and transport.

If this is not possible, items over 25 kilograms must be packed onto a pallet or crate so they can be moved via forklift, and there must be assistance for loading and unloading items.

NOTE: if these guidelines aren’t met, an additional cost might be incurred – so make sure to read through our packing requirements along with our terms and conditions to avoid a surcharge.

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Shipping large items is a wonderful balance between choosing the right courier, and doing so at the right price – so we recommend shopping around for a courier who can ship large items while also meeting your business’ needs and budget.

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