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Rising internet penetration rates around the world and the emergence of a new Asia Pacific middle class are driving the rapid growth of Australia’s international shipping industry.


Australia’s e-commerce retailers are increasingly tapping into lucrative international markets as rapidly increasing internet usage around the world make global online shopping the new retail powerhouse.

In fact, market research predicts that the web will account for 12.4 per cent of all global retail sales by 2019 and international shipments are expected to comprise up to 20 per cent of Australia’s total e-commerce purchases by 2017.

Emerging new markets

And the news gets better for Australian e-commerce businesses that are considering expanding into new international markets.

While the US, UK and New Zealand remain rich territories for Australian online retailers, rapid growth in the Asia Pacific region is opening new market opportunities.

China and India, for example, have almost tripled their share of the global economy within the last two decades. The result is the rise of a new middle class with access to high-speed internet and money to spend on international brands.

Consider that China’s shoppers are predicted to spend US$1.21 trillion online in 2017 and it’s easy to see the huge opportunities that face Australian ecommerce retailers in our own region.

International shipping evolves

This new demand is putting increasing pressure on Australia’s existing logistics and shipping networks as ecommerce retailers scramble to meet new international demand.

Australia’s freight industry already contributes around $200 billion or 15 per cent of GDP to the nation’s economy – but that number is forecast to double by 2030 and triple by 2050.

That is driving the rapid evolution of Australia’s logistics and freight companies as they come up with better low-cost international shipping solutions to help Australian e-commerce retailers capitalise on this remarkable growth.

Time to rethink and reset

For Australian e-commerce retailers, now is the time to rethink international shipping policies.

With international shipping costs coming down, overseas delivery timeframes shrinking, and a new generation of global cashed-up online shoppers increasingly attracted to international brands, accessing new overseas markets no longer presents the barriers it once did.

Rather, with the right international shipping policy in place, Australian e-commerce retailers are in prime position to capitalise on a world of opportunity.

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