The right shipping policy can make your ecommerce business. But the wrong one can break it.

Charging your customers too much for shipping can price you out of the market. On the other hand, charging too little for shipping risks taking a fatal bite out of your profit margin.

Getting that balance right is vital to the success of your ecommerce business – and why it’s so important to use multiple carrier aggregated shipping.

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The good news is you’re in the right place. Transdirect uses a multiple carrier aggregated shipping model that instantly gathers quotes from nine of Australia’s leading courier and freight companies.

That means you – and your customers – get the best shipping deal available for the specific package size, delivery time and shipping location each and every time you send a package.

Here are five key benefits of using multiple carrier aggregated shipping:

Benefit One: You get the best price, every time.

Every carrier offers a different price point – after all, that’s the point of healthy competition. Some carriers offer cheaper prices for small packages (1-3kg), whilst others can offer competitive prices when shipping mid-size packages (10-25kg). Some carriers won’t touch oversized packages, while others specialise in shipping oversized goods.

Transdirect offers the best of both worlds – we use carriers who offer the best price points for their favoured package size, everything from 1kg to the bulkier items coming in at 1000kg.

Benefit Two: Ship across towns, cities, the nation and worldwide with Transdirect

Every carrier has a preferred route – I bet you drive the exact same way to work every day, right? Much like driving to work, different carriers have their preferred route which can guarantee the package gets delivered in a cost effective manner.

The problem?

If your order requires shipping to a quieter part of the world, some carriers will tremble in fear. When you use Transdirect’s Aggregated Shipping Platform, we source the most cost effective way for you to get your package from A to B, no matter where that is. Our range of carriers cover international shipping, nationwide delivery, intercity deliveries and even down to the smallest remote towns.

Benefit Three: Ship to any customer, no matter who they are

Much like having preferred routes, some carriers have preferred customers. Not all carriers will deliver Business to Consumer (B2C) packages, while others make a living from it. Some carriers will solely service Business to Business (B2B) customers. Diversity is what makes the world go ‘round, and at Transdirect we understand your delivery needs will change consignment to consignment. That’s why our platform offers the ability to choose the specialist service for your exact situation, every time.

Benefit Four: You can avoid costly shipping surcharges

Everyone hates paying for shipping. It’s a universal fact.

What makes it worse as a business is when carriers add a surcharge for different types of delivery and freight (e.g. home delivery, incompatible freight, oversized items etc.). Some carriers add this surcharge as an inconvenience cost, others don’t. When you use the Transdirect Aggregated Shipping Platform you can see the end price with clarity, so you can make the best decision for your business before you hand over your hard earned dollars.

Benefit Five: You can access a range of shipping options

The bells and whistles of shipping options can make your customers sing with joy. After all, everybody loves the offer of same day shipping (even if they don’t pay for it).
You won’t have to restrict these bells and whistles when using the Transdirect Aggregated Shipping Platform.

How, you ask?

Well, when you use the shipping platform you can select these bells and whistles and Transdirect will provide you with the carriers who match your requirements.

You have so many extras to offer your customers, our carriers provide:

  • Road Express
  • Road Economy
  • Air Overnight
  • Same day Air Nationwide
  • Overnight Air delivery before 12pm, 10am or 9am
  • Same day direct intra-city 1,3 or 4 hours,
  • International Services
  • Domestic Services

Want to save money and improve your shipping strategy? Download our shipping made easy guide today and develop a shipping strategy to boost your profit margin.